Star Dancer

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Star Dancer is an earth pony mare from the OEL-portion of the Friendship is Magic continuity family
Star Dancer
OEL MANGA CH7 Star Dancer.png
Species Pony
Kind Earth pony
Gender Female
Occupation Chrono Agent
Nationality Equestrian
Residence Star Dancer's house
Family Master (love interest)
First "Chapter 2"

Star Dancer is a Future Pony who presumably was born in a time period long after the death of Twilight Sparkle. She worked for "Master", a mysterious and morally ambiguous entity from the future. She is not a space pony.


Star Dancer is a future pony who, for some reason, traveled back in time to attend a certain festival, though the details are extremely scarce. She was a member of the Chrono Agents, an organization presumably lead by the "Master". In Ponyville, she attempted to fool ponies into thinking she was an alien as to divert them from her real origins. Her biggest threat was Pinkie Pie, who kept spreading a rumor of her supposed astral heritage, though Star Dance herself spread it too with a series of coincidences and a knowledge of alien invasions.

At some point she downloaded Pinkie Pie's personality information into her computer to analyze it, only for the computer to crash and fry itself.

When she first met Princess Celestia, Pinkie told the princess that she was an alien. Star Dancer tried to convince the princess otherwise, but the princess let her know that she wasn't convinced she wasn't an alien. Sometime later, she went to watch a movie at the Ponyville Theater called The Attack of the Space Ponies where she tried to comfort the Cutie Mark Crusaders by telling them that if aliens really did invade Equestria, the invasion would be extremely quick with no real resistance by the Equestrians.

This alone scared the Crusaders even more due to the rumor of her space origins. The next day, she left her house in the morning and greeted Matilda while the CMC were spying on her. Eventually she caught the three youngsters, but they made up thhe lie that they wanted to interview her. Star Dancer took them in her house and revealed to them that she was actually a vampire space pony! But not really, she just wanted the girls to believe she was a normal pony just like them. The crusaders apologized and Star Dancer hugged them, remarking that they were all champs in her book.

Back in her house, she revealed to no one that she was actually a Future Pony and greeted her Master from the future who asked her if the festival was approaching with no complications. Star Dancer confirmed and invited her master to the party, saying that Ponyville can throw some great shindigs. The master agreed and claimed he would make it a party they would never forget. Star Dancer laughed to herself, saying that she always loved how happy the master was.

Later, she made a crop circle with her lawnmower in order to further make Pinkie believe she was a space pony.


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