A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 1 chapter 3

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Chapter 3
Artist Shiel
Writer David Lumsdon

Chapter 3 is the third chapter of My Little Pony: The Manga and of first volume. The chapter stars Rarity as she attempts to create an outfit for the Smooze.


Spike rushes through Ponyville, brushing past Applejack, Octavia Melody, and DJ Pon-3 with a scroll in hand. He initially passes Mrs. Cake as well, but stops to enjoy a few of her cake pops. He then rushes to Carousel Boutique, and informs Rarity that a letter has arrived from Princess Celestia. Contrary to Rarity's expectations, the letter isn't for Twilight Sparkle, but for her. After getting Sweetie Belle's hope in dressing up in preparation for the reading, Rarity discovers that the letter is asking her to help a visiting dignitary with an outfit. Moreover, the letter hints that Rarity's success could lead to her being able to open another of her boutiques "in a very exclusive location."

Rarity quickly puts Spike and Sweetie Belle to work getting the boutique ready for their guest, who is due to arrive later that day, while she makes herself presentable. Their visitor arrives just as she's finishing up, but to the surprise of all three, it's the Smooze, whom Rarity remembers from a Grand Galloping Gala she attended previously. Rarity is appalled by the slimy creature and the mess he makes of her store, but with the encouragement of her sister and friend she decides to give it her best shot. Spike attempts to help her by taking the Smooze's measurements, only for it to start eating Rarity's gems and thus increase in size.

Taking over the measuring herself, Rarity is once again forced to deal with the gelatinous nature of her client, and winds up splattered with goo. Sweetie Belle, attempting to serve snacks, finds herself swallowed by the beast, and joins Rarity in getting cleaned up. Despite Sweetie Belle's disheartening comments about the difficulty of dressing the Smooze, Rarity finally succeeds, creating a one-piece suit capable of contending with all of the Smooze's strange characteristics. Spike and Sweetie Belle are amazed, but all three are surprised when Discord appears to offer his congratulations.

As it turns out, Discord forged the letter from Celestia, having learned how to send messages through Spike some time previously. Eagerly anticipating going to another Grand Galloping Gala with his friend the Smooze, he wanted to insure that Rarity was at her best. Rarity is initially furious, but Discord assures her that he intends to honor his promise about a new boutique in an exclusive location. He then uses his magic to create said boutique...next to his house in Chaosville, where she soon finds herself working with a client.





Page names[edit]

  • "Eat and Run"
  • "Fashion Self-Conscious"
  • "Fancy Letter Readin'"
  • "A Spike in Housework"
  • "I Can Never Read This Guy"
  • "One Slimy Customer"
  • "Sticky Situation"
  • "He's a Growing Blob"
  • "In Your Face"
  • "That Sinking Feeling"
  • "Belle of the Blob"
  • "Be Careful What You Wish For"


  • Rarity's comment about "Twilight need[ing] to learn the true meaning of Hearth's Warming" is a play on the common holiday special trope of "learning the true meaning of Christmas."

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