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Babs Seed
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Earth Pony
FamilySeed family
Apple family
Real world
VoiceBrynna Drummond
"One Bad Apple"

Babs Seed was a young Earth Pony filly from Manehattan, Equestria. She was the founder of the Manehattan Cutie Mark Crusaders and was the cousin of Apple Bloom, Applejack and Big McIntosh.


Bad seed

Riddled with insecurities, Babs sided with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon when she first came to Ponyville, bullying the Crusaders for being blank flanks to cover up her own insecurities. She eventually realized the error of her ways when she saw how much the Crusaders still cared about her and joined their club.[1]

Rough Diamond

Babs' went to Carneighie Hall with her cousins, Apple Bloom and Applejack and their friends, Fluttershy and Rarity to watch the magical exploits of Trixie and her assistants, Peppers Ghost and Miss Direction. During the show, the Manehattan Police Department appeared as Trixie was working with them to catch the infamous thief Rough Diamond who was expected the steal the valuable Ostlerheimer Diamond. Babs' was the first, and really only, to get the plan and thought it was really cool.

After the real diamond went missing, Babs' and the others went to the basement to check on the real diamond. Somehow, the real diamond ended up in Trixie's hat. Before she was to be arrested, Trixie used her illusion skills to get a getaway with her friends and Babs. Since she was the only one who knew the layout of Manehattan, Babs took command and lead the gang into the Maneway to catch the F Train 0526 in Subway FA.

They soon bought costumes at Costume Rental and Babs tagged along with Applejack, Rarity and Trixie in the Diamond District. They ended up in Gem Exchange and Babs told Trixie about how she believed and understood her because she was also a rough figure just a little while prior. Trixie hugged Babs to thank her for her compassion and soon later, Applejack and Rarity managed to get valuable information out of the Gem Exchange clerk. Afterwards, they all appeared once again in Babs' apartment to get a gameplan.

Later that night, Babs and the others appeared at Central Park to break into the Museum to find the thief. The botch the break in and get caught by the M.P.D. fairly quickly. Babs managed to convince the officers to let them go for a brief period. In that period, Babs' revealed that Officer Fluffles was the real Rough Diamond the whole time.

As Fluffles was arrested, Trixie thanked Babs and later, Babs appeared as an audience member at one of Trixie's shows.

In other media

Equestria Girls

Babs in Equestria Girls appeared in "Equestria Girls" and made a cameo in "Happy Holidays" in a MyStable shot. Her name was shortened to just be "Babs" here and she was rewritten to be the older cousin to Applejack rather than a cousin of roughly equal age to Apple Bloom. Like in the cartoon, Babs was initially antagonistic in here, but she lacked any redemption arc - she did appear to care for her friends however and judging by the fact she was one of Pinkie Pie's friends on MyStable implied she did come around.

Behind the scenes


"Babs" is a somewhat rare shorthand version of the names, Barbara and Barbie. When paired with "seed", the name becomes a pun on the term "bad seed", a term used to describe mean-spirited or "bad" individuals of otherwise good groups.


The villain character, Bad Apple, has a name pun origin similar Babs Seed, being literally named "Bad Apple", a common variation of "Bad Seed".


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