Legion of Doom

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The Legion of Doom is the group of villains Grogar formed in order to take over Equestria once again.


The group was formed by the so-called Grogar, the first king of Equestria, who was eventually dethroned by Gusty the Great. After millennia of gathering power and observing affairs in Equestria, he recruited a number of other villains to counter the Mane Six. The founding members of the team were Queen Chrysalis, Tirek, King Sombra and Cozy Glow. However, Sombra left the team and was destroyed by the Mane Six after nearly conquering Equestria by himself.[1]

After his destruction, the remaining members stood by at the lair, though were constantly at each others odds. Eventually, Grogar tasked them with retrieving his Bewitching Bell from Mount Everhoof, which was protected by a magic forcefield. Through the experience, the Legion members grew closer to one another though refused to consider each other their friend. After they retrieved the item, they vowed to not give it to Grogar, fearing what he could do with it.[2] Later, the trio recovered a book that would teach them how to make use of the Bell's power themselves, while also hitting upon a plan to sow division among the Ponies of Equestria.[3]

After enacting this private scheme, the three succeeded in extracting the magic from the Bewitching Bell in order to increase their own power. They then turned the bell against Grogar, who was revealed to in fact be Discord, who had impersonated Grogar and gathered the villains as part of a scheme to boost Twilight Sparkle's confidence. The three villains then launched an attack on all of Equestria, subduing Starlight Glimmer and the Pillars of Old Equestria before attacking Canterlot Castle. With the Bewitching Bell and their enhanced powers, they proved more than a match for their adversaries, with only Twilight escaping due to her friends' intervention.

Discord, among the captives of his former pawns, managed to enact a scheme to enable the rest of the Mane Six and Spike to escape and rejoin Twilight. Chrysalis and the others, their partnership fraying, were distracted by the appearance of the Windigos, but soon turned their attention to confronting Twilight and her friends when they reappeared. In an epic last battle, the three villains battled against the seven heroes, eventually overpowering them and bringing them to bay. However, an army of allies arrived to back up Twilight and the others, and their brave action inspired Twilight and enabled her to wield Harmony Magic. With this power, she and her friends, the Pillars, and the Young Six defeated the legion members, who were then subjected to a Stone Sleep cast by Discord, Celestia, and Luna.[4]



Out of the members of the legion, both Grogar and Tirek are counterparts of generation 1 villains. Grogar was the villain of The Return of Tambelon arc, while Tirek was the villain of the first piece of My Little Pony animation, Rescue at Midnight Castle.

Chrysalis and Sombra were both original characters for Friendship is Magic and have interacted before in The Siege of the Crystal Empire storyline in the comics, where Sombra was depicted as far more serious than his somewhat jovial depiction in the show. Cozy Glow is also an original character for the series.

The group's name, which comes from episode descriptions, seems to be inspired by DC's identically named organization, with their hideout of Grogar's lair being similar in appearance and location to DC's Hall of Doom.


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