A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 1 chapter 8

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Chapter 8




David Lumsdon

Chapter 8 is the 8th and final chapter in A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 1. The chapter starts with Pinkie Pie beginning to become self-aware that the world around her is "different" than usual and so Discord goes the extra mile and turns the world into a more "authentic" manga.


Pinkie Pie asks Twilight if she's noticed the world has been more "monochromey" than usual, but Twilight plays off her query as Pinkie Pie just making up words. Meanwhile, Discord uses his powers to make the world intoa more authentic manga.

Now the story follows Applejack-san, a ninja apart of the Apple Family ninja clan as she's tasked with saving the city of Ponyville-cho from an evil monster. While Ponyville-cho High School, Applejack-san encountered Spikezilla, a dragon destroying the city. Applejack-san tried to stop the monster but was flicked back like a flea. Soon later, she gives a Magic Wand to Twilight-san under the belief that she's the magical heroine. Though Twilight was skeptical at first, she eventually took the wand and became the Magical Pony.

Twilight attempted to bop Spikezilla on the snout, but was once again defeated. However, the other members of the Mane Six come together and form the Super Ultra Mega "Friendship is Magic" Ponyzorg to defeat the creature. However, Princess Celestia notices the happenings and gets Discord to stop it. Later, the Main Six go out to eat sushi.







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