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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Pegasus
Animal care taker
EducationCloudsdale High
FamilyShy family
AffiliationMane Six
School of Friendship
Real world
"Friendship is Magic"
"The Last Problem"

Professor Fluttershy[1] is a member of the Mane Six and Bearers of Harmony, representing the Element of Kindness. She lives on the outskirts of Ponyville, in her cottage near her very own animal sanctuary. Soft-spoken, timid and as sweet as can be, Fluttershy is kind-hearted and motherly, always giving her friends support and help, and never thinking ill of them.


Personal life

Fluttershy is the older sister to Zephyr Breeze and her parents eldest child, as well as only daughter.[2] Fluttershy grew up in Cloudsdale and was really good friends with Rainbow Dash,[3] who would protect her from bullies and stand up for her.[4] Fluttershy has a way with animals and ever since she was a filly, has had a special connection with them.[3] It's been mentioned a few times that Fluttershy literally has a special gift and can communicate with animals [5] and other creatures.[6] Fluttershy takes care of several animals, but they're more like friends rather then pets. She has a mini-zoo like area in her backyard,[7] as they help her out with projects from time to time.[8] Fluttershy is known for not being very social, but very friendly. Prior to befriending Twilight, Fluttershy would freak out at the mere presence of other ponies,[9] but this has since faded away. In later adventures, Fluttershy could mingle with other ponies, but her lack of assertiveness made her a doorstop to all.[10] A little after Twilight's coronation, Fluttershy seemed more then capable of holding her own in public situations and gained a more outgoing life in the process. Whenever Fluttershy is upset, she enjoys being hugged by Angel Bunny.[11]

Fluttershy lives in her cottage with her dear animal companions, who are practically like family to her. Though she loves them all to death, she seems to be particularly close or fond of Angel Bunny and Harry. Although Fluttershy doesn't seem to partake much in pop culture, she's a fan of reading novels and seems to be a fan of Equestria's equivalent to anime, given her drawing pictures of anime characters during a Nightmare Night.[8] Like her friends, Fluttershy's age is hard to pin point, but she's 1 year older then Pinkie Pie.[12] Fluttershy appears to be the only member of the Mane Six without a proper job. When under the effects of Ethical Cancer, Fluttershy became a savage beast master.[13] From time to time, it's been shown that Fluttershy contains an "inner beast" waiting to come out and wreak mildly destructive and slightly rude havoc. While fine earlier episodes, this was shown to be more symbolic and self-contained,[14][15] later stories portray this in a more literal light by turning her into a hulking monstrosity or a bat-like pony.[16][17][18] Interestingly, Fluttershy has garnered unrequited love from her fellow Ponyville citizens, such as Tadwell and the Wrestly Doer, who both had crushes on her. Fluttershy has garnered the admiration of many for her kindness and bravery, with Parchy Mustment praising her in his book, the Bestiary of Equestria and Princess Luna even openly admired her for her skills with animals.


Fluttershy dearly loves her brother, but she can't stand his lack of independence and moochy attitude. She tried her best to help him personally, but she realized the only thing she could do was to use some tough love.[19] Fluttershy gets along great with her parents and is somewhat protective of them, trying to stand up for them because they wont stand up for themselves. Fluttersy has inherited much of her meek, kind personality from her parents, but unlike her parents, she learned how to assert herself.


Parchy Mustment wrote that Fluttershy was a very brave pegasus, brave enough to be one of the few ponies in history to stare down a Cockatrice and survive to tell the tale.[20] Hoofbeard also described Fluttershy as being couragious, affectionately calling her "Brave Fluttershy".[21]


Outside of "the girls", Fluttershy is great friends with the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Spike.

Unrequited love

Tadwell crushing on Fluttershy

Tadwell was shown have a crush on Flutttershy. He blushed in her presence while a heart flew aside his head and later he was seen walking away thinking of Fluttershy, still blushing. However, the relationship appears to be completely one-sided as Fluttershy never mentions Tadwell in any story. Though Fluttershy did appear to be friendly towards Tadwell, that can be chalked up to her friendly and caring personality. It's occasionally been remarked by others that she and Discord may be a couple, with Luna asking if Discord loved Fluttershy and the Cats of Harmony assuming Fluttershy was his mate.[22][23] Fluttershy developed a strong crush on the mirror universe King Sombra, gushing at the mere sight of him, though his heat was elsewhere.[24]


Fluttershy is somewhat large for a mare, appearing as the largest of her friends. She has a bright, yellow complexion and a pink mane.


Fluttershy is a warmhearted individual who tenderly and lovingly cares for countless animals at once, yet understands the individual characteristics of each and every one of her friends. Fluttershy's motherly nature extends beyond animals as she cares for her friends all the same, and also cares for other ponies as well. Fluttershy is extremely timid and meek around other ponies, which appears to run in the family given her mother and father are just as, if not more meek then her. Fluttershy was bullied a lot as a child, which may explain some of her timidness, but given that her mother and father act much the same way, it's equally possible that her meek personality is what caused her to be bullied. As tenderhearted as she may be, Fluttershy isn't one to step outside of her comfort zone and frequently struggles to adapt to new things. Fluttershy cares for all critters in Equestria, even those who tried to attack her and her friends. While she loves animals, she understands that animals are animals and thus may be harmful to other animals. As such, Fluttershy wasn't put off when she saw monsters destroy each other during the events of The Return of Queen Chrysalis. It's been shown that Fluttershy can think of pretty devious stuff if she exerts herself hard enough, such as when she attempted to create the scariest prank ever for Nightmare Night.[8] Additionally, Fluttershy isn't a complete push over with will stand up for her friends in dire situations.


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