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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesCat lord
Motivatial speaker
RelativesScaredy Cat (cousin)
AffiliationVerko's gang (formerly)
Grumm's Bazaar
Nightmare Knights
Real world
VoiceTaye Diggs
"Capper of Abyssinia"

Capper is a cat lord of Abyssinia, a one-time resident of Klugetown, and an ally of Equestria.


Early life

Chummer's adventures in Panthera

Growing up as a poor nobody in the city of Panthera, Capper was a prolific petty thief, always stealing fish and other foods just to survive and running from the law, but did so joyfully. He did this in the company of several other cats, and the motley group considered each other to be family. Capper was particularly close to Chummer, a tomcat of similar size to himself; the group also included Admiral Fluffington, Max, Molly, and Shadow.[1]

However, his life changed when the city was sacked by the Storm King. During the Siege of Panthera, Capper and Chummer both took up refuge in an airship used by the Storm Army. During a battle between the army and the Knife's Edge crew, the two cats came in contact and befriended the pirates, though as the ship crashed in the battle, they found themselves in the Bone Dry Desert in the Badlands, where they eventually came across Klugetown.

Klugetown and Storm War

Capper would eventually become one of the biggest names in Klugetown, but was also known as the closest thing to a good guy in the entire town, often helping others out - for a price, that is. He later took an interest in the Mane Six and Spike after their arrival in town, and helped them escape the unwanted attentions of Mori and several other residents. Quickly winning over his new acquaintances-with the exception of a jealous Spike and a suspicious Twilight Sparkle-Capper led the group through town to his home. Unfortunately for the ponies, Capper's "kindness" was in fact a ruse, as he intended to turn them over to Verko in order to settle his debts to the crime boss.

While waiting for Verko to arrive, having passed word to him through Needy, Capper listened to his visitors' tales, and was surprised when Rarity made some minor repairs to his coat as a way of expressing her gratitude for his help. This made Capper uncomfortable, but not as much as when Twilight discovered information regarding the Queen of the Hippogriffs, whom they had been seeking. Capper attempted to dissuade them with disinformation, and then to prevent them from leaving, offering to help them secure an airship. At that moment, Verko appeared, and Capper's treachery was exposed-and quickly overshadowed by the arrival of Tempest Shadow.

After Twilight and her friends escaped, Tempest and her guards seized Capper, demanding to know where their quarry was heading. Capper, about to reveal all, had a change of heart upon noticing the buttons Rarity had added to his coat. As such, he decided to deceive Tempest, claiming that the ponies and dragon were heading for Black Skull Island. Unfortunately, Tempest insisted that he remain in her custody until she located them. Even more unfortunately, his ruse was quickly exposed when Rainbow Dash, having befriended Capper's old pirate acquaintances, performed a Sonic Rainboom and thus made their location obvious to Tempest.

His lie exposed, Capper could do little more than stammer in objection as he and the pirates, who had been forced into the Storm King's delivery service, faced the brunt of Tempest's wrath. Despite being caught aboard the pirates' airship as Tempest demolished it with her Unicorn Magic, Capper managed to survive, and with Celaeno and her crew made his way to Basalt Beach. There, they came across Twilight's friends, reeling from her abduction by Tempest. Upon revealing himself, Capper received a less than warm reception, but made a grand show of describing a group of heroes he felt could overcome the challenges they faced. Applejack soon brought everycreature down by guessing that he was talking about them.

Despite this, the ponies and dragon soon rallied as Celaeno's crew also revealed themselves, offering to help take the fight to the Storm King. Much to the whole group's surprise, they were then joined by Princess Skystar; their motley crew completed, the heroes set course for Canterlot. Putting his smooth-talking tongue to work, Capper managed to bluff the group past a pair of Storm Guards, the ponies pulling along a large cake that concealed the Ornithians, dragon, and Hippogriff. When Grubber discovered the contents of the cake, Capper joined Rarity in tying up several Storm Guards with a large ribbon. He then joined the ponies and Spike in heading for Canterlot Castle while their allies held off a number of guards.

Confronted with several more, Capper suddenly recognized Spike's status as a dragon, and-with Spike's eager cooperation-began wielding him as a flamethrower. Unfortunately, they overcame their foes only to see a massive storm materialize over the city, the result of the Storm King wielding the magic of the Four Princesses of Equestria. Capper then helped with the aiming of Pinkie Pie's Easy Bake Confetti Cannon, which launched the five ponies and Spike into the eye of the storm to assist Twilight. Once the Storm King was defeated, Capper attended the resumed Friendship Festival in celebration, and was presented with a new top hat and cloak by Rarity. He was later seen joining several Storm Creatures in a kick line, before serving as judge of a dance-off with Skystar and Gummy.

Pal to Ponies

After aiding in the Battle for Canterlot, Capper remained shady as ever, but also went legit and began to work as a motivational speaker. It was during this period of his life that Capper was requested to perform the biggest heist of his life; to steal from Princess Eris, the lord of Chaos.

Honored Guest, Homeward Bound

During Princess Luna and Princess Celestia's vacation across Equestria, Capper was apparently among the many creatures they encountered.[2] Later, Capper would attend Twilight's coronation as Queen of Equestria.[3] When the Council of Friendship formed teams to visit various locations beyond Equestria, Capper was chosen to join Discord, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Trixie in traveling to him homeland of Abyssinia.[4] "Team Fluttershy", as they were dubbed, traveled aboard Captain Celaeno's new airship with Team Rainbow Dash, which was on its way to the Parrot Peaks.

Before and after Capper's group were dropped off at a port on their way to Panthera, Capper was noticeably anxious, and Trixie, recognizing the signs of somecreature uneasy about a destination, inquired about it. At her urging, Capper opened up about his youth, talking about his childhood friends and subsequent rift with Chummer. After he expressed the fear of being rejected by the friends he left behind, Trixie resolved to help him reunite with them. The group were soon distracted when they arrived in Panthera to find it under the tyrannical rule of King Meowmeow, who enacted various unjust laws and developed a strong anti-Magic sentiment as a result of the Storm King's invasion.

Arrested and brought before the king, Capper spoke against Meowmeow's policies, but the unmoved monarch threw him and his Equestrian friends in a cell, Discord and Trixie having been fitted with magic-blocking collars. In the midst of the group's brooding over their situation, their cell was broken into by none other than Capper's old friends, who had come to rescue him after learning of his return. With their aid, Team Fluttershy escaped into the sewers, where they found a community of cats in hiding led by Chummer.[5] The group, known as the Abyssinian Underground, soon brought Capper and the visitors up to speed on their efforts to save cats from Meowmeow's regime. They also enlisted the Equestrians in seeking to access a mysterious chamber they had discovered years ago beneath the city, now under guard by Meowmeow's forces.

While en route to the chamber, Capper and Chummer spoke about their last meeting, and Chummer explained how he had crashed the S.S. Minnow after parting ways with Capper, only to be nursed back to health by dogs Salty and Pepper. Touched by their actions, despite the historical enmity between canines and felines, Chummer repented of his past selfish attitude and returned home to do what he could for his fellow cats. Capper would soon put his lockpicking skills to work opening the mysterious door, which proved to lead into a temple containing the Abyssinian Tree of Harmony. King Meowmeow then revealed himself, having failed to get into the temple himself and thus orchestrated a plan to arrange for Capper to do it for him.

Capper and his friends fought back against Meowmeow and his guards, seeking to prevent them from destroying the Tree, and succeeded after Discord's damaged collar was broken off. Capper then reconciled with Chummer over their past rift, and their renewed friendship revealed themselves and their four friends as the wielders of the Abyssinian Elements of Harmony. Capper was revealed as the embodiment of Generosity, and he and his friends watched as the Tree of Harmony's magic spread over the city. Afterwards, the former street thieves were honored for their contributions to the city.[6]

Spike would later contact Capper and his friends for help in the Defense of Canterlot.[7] Capper and his friends arrived and joined Element wielders from Caninia, Farasi, and Ornithia in saving the city and its inhabitants. They then joined their Equestrian friends in defeating Danu, leader of the Knights of Harmony. Afterwards, Capper was among those who met with Twilight to discuss a formal alliance between their lands.[8]


Between himself and his friend Chummer, Capper was the more passive and gentle of the two. Though still a proud thief, his illegal acts tended to stop there, while Chummer had a thirst for power and violent nature that eventually drove them apart.

After his brush with the kindness of Rarity, Capper began to rethink his life choices and began to act in a more selfless and even heroic manner. This would ultimately culminate in his being revealed as the Abyssinian embodiment of Generosity.


Capper is a skilled thief, expert in sleight-of-hand (or tail, as the case may be). These skills, combined with his quick wits and natural charm, are his primary assets. He primarily turns to these when faced with danger, seeking to outthink opponents rather than attempt to challenge them physically.


In other media

My Little Pony: Magic Princess

Capper is a playable character in the game, and lives in Klugetown at his safehouse along with Chummer. Capper also has a role in the New Horizons event, in which he and Celaeno's crew lead Klugetown in a revolt against Verko between The Movie events of the destruction of Celaeno's airship and their appearance at Basalt Beach.



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