A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 1 chapter 6

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Chapter 6
Artist Shiei
Writer David Lumsdon

Chapter 6 is the sixth chapter of My Little Pony: The Manga and of first volume. The chapter stars the Rainbow Dash as she suffers some unexpected consequences from a wish made by Derpy.


During the Annual Ponyville Flea Market, Rainbow Dash is browsing at Bulk Biceps' stall when a pony runs by in panic. The source of her fright turns out to be Derpy, who's clumsy flying has led to the destruction of many a past flea market item. Derpy inadvertently sends some vases flying, and then causes Rainbow Dash to drop them just after saving them. As the two flee and take shelter, an ashamed Derpy questions whether she might be able to become as great a flyer as Rainbow Dash; unfortunately, when she leaves to follow Rainbow Dash's advice to practice, she ends up destroying DJ Pon-3's records.

Downhearted, Derpy stumbles across Zecora at a booth, and the Zebra kindly allows her to peruse a box of good-luck charms. After finding an errant Angel and returning him to Fluttershy, Derpy stumbles across an item Zecora believed she had disposed of: the Dragon's Claw. As she explains, the artifact can grant its holder any wish, but its dark magic always comes with unfortunate consequences. Unfortunately, just after Zecora warns Derpy about its properties, Derpy accidentally wishes to fly like Rainbow Dash.

The wish is granted, and Derpy is elated by her newfound ability to fly without crashing. Unfortunately, the negative side of her wish soon becomes evident, as nearby Rainbow Dash crashes into Cranky Doodle Donkey's booth. Derpy becomes determined to fix things, while Rainbow Dash is quickly convinced that she has been cursed with Derpy's clumsiness while Derpy has gained her flight ability. Zecora laments the situation, as the only known remedy to the magic of the Dragon's Claw is the lost Golden Dragon's Foot. Fortuitously, however, Derpy finds the artifact at Granny Smith's booth, and the curse is soon reversed.

Derpy apologizes for her actions, and Rainbow Dash forgives her, before urging that they flee from the angry flea market patrons. They do so, later returning to offer a basket of "apology muffins."



  • The plot is based on the short story The Monkey's Paw.
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