A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 3 chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter of My Little Pony: The Manga's third volume. The chapter stars Pinkie Pie as she seeks the Element of Laughter in an Equestria where the inhabitants resemble comic book heroes and villains.


Overlooking the skyline of a metropolitan Ponyville, an alternate Twilight Sparkle known as the Somber Twilight is interrupted in her musings by the arrival of Pinkie Pie. The Somber Twilight briefly mistakes Pinkie for her nemesis, the Pink Piester, but is soon convinced when Pinkie explains her actual identity and origins. As the Somber Twilight explains, visitors from other dimensions or periods of time are fairly common in her world. As if to emphasize the point, a future version of Scootaloo appears to ask for Somber Twilight's help, though she insists on tackling Pinkie's problem first.

The two set out to locate the missing Element of Laughter, only to be disturbed by an explosion. It turns out to be the work of the Bad Apple Gang, in the process of robbing the Ponyville First National Bank. They attempt to pursue the villains, but are forced to halt when the criminals hurl Apple Bombs at them. After defusing the explosives, they continue their pursuit only to find that Applehijack and her family have been apprehended by Somber Twilight's estranged former teammate, the Spyke. Pinkie convinces the hostile crimefighters to put aside their feud to help her recover her missing element, and attempts to make amends between the pair.

The trio come across several ponies in the throes of helpless laughter, and soon discover the cause: the Pink Piester herself, now in possession of the Element of Laughter. Using the artifact, the Pink Piester has infused her pies with magic that leaves anyone struck with them unable to stop laughing. Pinkie puts a halt to her counterpart's barrage against Somber Twilight by eating her remaining pies, but the Pink Piester then reveals that she's concocted a final, massive pie capable of affecting the entire city. It is launched into the air, much to the dismay of Somber Twilight and Spyke.

Somber Twilight and Spyke briefly argue over who should take the lead, but Pinkie convinces them to fly her and the Pink Piester into the air after the giant pie. Pinkie then dives onto the enormous confection, snatching the Element of Laughter in the process. Thanks to Discord's spell, the Element carries both Pinkie and the pie back to her home Equestria. Somber Twilight and Spyke, having enjoyed their reunion, decide to help the future Scootaloo together, inadvertently ignoring the Pink Piester as she attempts to elude the police.



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