A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 3 chapter 6

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Chapter 6
Friendship is Magic manga chapter

Chapter 6 is the sixth chapter of My Little Pony: The Manga's third volume. The chapter stars Applejack as she seeks the Element of Honesty in an Equestria that's been seen before...


Applejack finds herself in an alternate Sweet Apple Acres, though she fails to notice as two huge creatures fight nearby. As she explores, she runs into the resident Apple Bloom, who has mistaken Applejack for her own sister and attacks her with ninja weapons. Her attempts to explain her true identity are mistaken for a deception, and she flees Apple Bloom only to run into her own alternate self. Unfortunately, Ninja Applejack believes that her doppelganger is Apple Bloom attempting to deceive her, and is only persuaded otherwise when Apple Bloom herself appears.

The two sisters briefly mistake Applejack for some sort of spy, but are corrected-forcefully-by Granny Smith-obaasama when they bring Applejack before her. She then explains that the (oddly specific) Ancient Scrolls of the Apple Clan foretold Applejack's arrival, and that another can tell her how to return home. This particular scroll was hidden in a dangerous location; fortunately, Big Mac's counterpart then arrives, having already been dispatched to retrieve it. However, before she can utilize it, Granny Smith tells her that she must help defeat their ancient enemy, the Apple Lord.

The two Applejacks confront the evil Apple Lord, whom Applejack attempts to reason with; however, her ninja counterpart stuns him with a blow, only to inexplicably allow him to devour his Dark Matter Apple and unlock his full power. He proves more than a match for Ninja Applejack, but is defeated when Applejack bucks the Dark Matter Apple Tree, causing the super dense fruit to bury him in a veritable avalanche. Grateful for her help, Granny Smith gives her both the Element of Honesty and the scroll they retrieved from the Apple Lord, which has the power to summon allies in a time of need. Applejack is then sent back to her own world, while Granny's grandchildren question whether the ancient scrolls are truly as detailed as she always claims...


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