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SpeciesPony • Pegasus
EducationPonyville Schoolhouse
ResidenceScootaloo's house
FamilyScootaloo's family
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DesignerLauren Faust
VoiceMadeleine Peters
"Friendship is Magic"
"The Last Problem"

Scootalooo is the daughter of Snap Shutter and Mane Allgood and the niece of Holiday and Lofty. Scootaloo was among the three founding members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, arguably the most respected group in Ponyville for their kind and selfless deeds in helping others find their places in life. Outside of her Crusading work, Scootaloo is the honorary little sister of Rainbow Dash and the two couldn't be closer, loving each other as if they were family. Likewise, Scootaloo appears to love her friends as if they were family as well, doing nearly everything with them.


Scootaloo was born and raised in the Era of Princess Celestia, though given her parents professions, it's unclear where she was born. Scootaloo grew up with a wing disability which halted her flight, making her a significantly worse flier than her peers, who managed to fly when she couldn't even get off the ground. Since her parents were often away, Scootaloo was mostly raised by her aunts and other adults in Ponyville, such as the Cakes[1]

Scootaloo became a founding member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders in an seemingly endless quest to find her cutie mark. In these early adventures, Scootaloo became the target of bullying from Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon who taunted her for being a "blank flank".

In their early adventures, the Crusaders did more than just search for their cutie marks, of course, and Scootaloo often found herself just helping out others. A notable example of this was when she tried to find Cheerilee a "very special somepony" for Hearts and Hooves Day.

During the Changeling wars, Scootaloo was present at the Canterlot Wedding event between Princess Cadance and Shining Armor with her friends.

Sometime prior to the Coronation of Twilight Sparkle, she befriended Babs Seed, the cousin of Apple Bloom after she and the others saved her from falling off a cliff. Within moments, the two became like sisters even if they rarely hung out.

After the coronation, Scootaloo went on many crazy adventures, inarguably even wilder than the last. Eventually though, Scootaloo and her friends found their cutie marks with their special talent being simply helping other people find their special talents. In the process, Scootaloo also befriended Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, her former bullies.

Sometime after the retirement of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna began, Scootaloo's parents came to Ponyville for the first time in years, but the good news was short-lived when they tried to get Scootaloo to move back with them to Shire Lanka. However, thanks of the help from all those Scootaloo has helped in her life, she managed to convince her parents to stay, and in the process, she managed to move in with her two loving aunts.

As the days went on, Scootaloo grew into a fine young woman. Responsible, wise, caring and willing to pass on what she learned to others. She specialized in teaching others about camaraderie as she became a teacher at the School of Friendship and became a big-sister figure towards Big Sugar.

Personal life


Scootaloo is the sole daughter of two explorer, Snap Shutter and Mane Allgood. Although her parents love her, they're not at all involved in Scootaloo's life and instead, Scootaloo lives alone with rotational supervision from various adults in Ponyville, such as the Cakes. Sometimes, she is watched by her aunts, Holiday and Lofty, who both love her dearly and love spending time with her. After her parents tried to get Scootaloo to move away from Ponyville to Shire Lanka, her aunts moved to Ponyville and welcomed Scootaloo to move in with them.[1]

The reason why her parents never spend time with Scootaloo is because their work is their life's calling, and is also very important to the very future of Equestria at large. Scootaloo seems mostly okay with this but is nonetheless happy whenever they're around. Scootaloo's parents are around so little and so rarely, that not even some of Scootaloo's own friends, like Snips ever met them prior to their rather unforgettable stay.[1]

Scootaloo's aunts are a same-sex (LGTBQ+) couple, with Holiday being the older sister of her father. Despite not being related by blood, Scootaloo holds Lofty in just as high regard as her other family members. The relationship between her aunts is both very close and loving, with Holiday acting very responsible and nurturing of her, while Lofty is more fun-loving and supports Scootaloo tomboyish side, as she seems to be a bit of a tomboy herself.[1]


As noted above, Scootaloo effectively lived alone with no paternal supervision until she moved in with her aunts. Her house was pretty typical for Ponyville affair, about as big as other houses with not much to set it apart, except for the pillars on the outside, which make the house look almost more like a professional building. The house is well cared for, showing that either Scootaloo or her rotational guardians took good care of it while they were there. Scootaloo's room, despite her tomboyish attitude, is filled with flowers, teddy-bears and other feminine icons. In general, her house is covered with flowers, possibly showing an affinity for gardening from her, her mother or her aunts.[2]


Scootaloo goes to school at the Ponyville Schoolhouse with her friends and several other foals. Interestingly, another schoolpony and one of her classmates, Archer looks almost identical to Scootaloo.[3] Scootaloo's school performance appears to be generally quite low, and she herself seems at best indifferent to the process of academic learning, rarely applying effort into it and often slouching in class. Despite this, Scootaloo loves her teacher, Miss Cheerilee dearly and has gone out of her way to make her happy on many occasions, such as making over-the-top Hearts and Hooves Day cards for her and trying to find her a date for the holiday.[4] Likewise, Cheerilee cares deeply for Scootaloo and tried to protect her from Marshmallow when the it broke into the school.[1]


Although the details have never really been expanded upon, Scootaloo suffers from a disability of some sort which causes her wings to be far to small for her to properly fly. While this didn't seem to out of the ordinary at first, over time, other fillies her age age were shown being able to fly without any problems. This disability has caused serious problems throughout Scootaloo's life, but she seems to have essentially accepted it by the time she moved in with her aunts and seems more than happy to use her scooter to quickly travel instead of her wings.

See also: Scootaloo's disability in fanfiction


Scootaloo's favorite hobby is scootering, which she seemed to gravitate towards due to her disability. In general, Scootaloo is a proud tomboy and daredevil who performed a number of daring deeds.[citation needed]

In other media



Scootaloo did not appear in the Pucchigumi manga but she did play a fairly major role in the first volume of My Little Pony: The Manga by Seven Seas, primarily in the story "Stardancer" where she suspected the titular Stardancer to be a Space Pony who wanted to take over Equestria. Scootaloo later appeared in My Little Pony: Paper Crafts, which is based off the same incarnation.

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In fanfiction

Whoo boy. Out of every main character in this show, Scootaloo probably has some of the most...interesting portrayals in fanfiction due to her weirdly mysterious life prior to season 9.

Scootaloo's disability in fanfiction

Scootaloo's disability has been played up to varyingly degrees in different fanworks. In Friendship is Magic the Comic by Mauroz, Scootaloo's disability was depicted by making her a wheelchair bound little girl who admired Rainbow Dash. In other fanfics, Scootaloo's was more-so depicted as being a late bloomer and sometimes depicted her as being capable of flight in her mature years. Some fanfiction had Scootaloo find alternatives to her problem, such as using daredevil machines to help her fly, while others depicted Scootaloo as growing depressed and miserable.

After the release of "Molt Down", many fans wrote humorous fanfictions where Scootaloo grew jealous, annoyed, angry or upset that Spike learned to fly before her.

Scootaloo as an orphan

It was a very common motif in various fanfictions to depict Scootaloo as an orphan, given her lack of parents or relatives ever being mentioned prior to Ponyvilel Mysteries: Mystery of the Rusty Horseshoe. The extent in which this was treated, of course, greatly varied. Sometimes she was depicted as being completely homeless (see below), other times she lived in an orphanage. A lot of times, these stories ended with Scootaloo being adopted, typically either by Rainbow Dash, Windy Whistles or Twilight Sparkle.

Scootaloo as a homeless filly

Scootaloo living a perfectly normal life

...Still almost always ends in tragedy. Extremely early fanfictions, before it ever became noted that Scootaloo's homelife was unusual, did sometimes include paternal figures. An old fanfiction from the season 1-2 era of the show depicted Scootaloo as living with her mother, but also included Scootaloo indirectly causing the death of Rainbow Dash and having a breakdown because of this. Why can't Scootaloo have a happy ending in anything?

Scootaloo's future

In the fanfiction, It Takes a Village, Scootaloo is depicted as being a skilled flier in her teenage-young adult years and helps teach Spike how to fly. In this storyline, aside from watching her good friend almost die against another, older dragon, lives a pretty happy life!


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