A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 1 chapter 4

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Chapter 4
Artist Shiel
Writer David Lumsdon

Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter of My Little Pony: The Manga and of first volume. The chapter stars Fluttershy as she is faced with giving a speech for Ponyville's Critter Appreciation Day.


Mayor Mare thanks Fluttershy for agreeing to be the keynote speaker for Ponyville's Critter Appreciation Day, which she has been a major factor in bringing about. However, upon learning that almost all of Ponyville's residents plan on attending, Fluttershy panics and flees. Applejack and Pinkie Pie come looking for her, only to find that she's barricaded herself in her Fluttershy's shed. The two go to Twilight Sparkle for help, and Twilight quickly determines that Fluttershy has stage fright. After preventing Pinkie Pie from destroying the stage where Fluttershy is supposed to give her speech, the trio attempt to reason with the nervous Pegasi.

When the trio's moral support fails to bring Fluttershy out, Rainbow Dash appears and tries to solve the problem by breaking down the shed door. This failing, Rainbow Dash is forbidden from making another attempt, while Twilight again tries to convince Fluttershy that she has nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, her attempt to convince Fluttershy that the ponies will be more interested in listening to than looking at her is dashed by Rarity, who has brought Fluttershy an eye-catching dress for the speech. Rainbow Dash attempts to scare Fluttershy out of the shed, only to find herself terrified by Fluttershy's spider friend, Mr. Prickly.

Applejack's attempt to bring Fluttershy out ends in failure, due to it involving a terrifying account of her great uncle Apple Tort and multiple Bugbears. Twilight then attempts a confidence building trick, but only succeeds in making Fluttershy feel scandalized. Pinkie Pie then attempts to convince Fluttershy to come out by pretending to be Angel, but makes the mistake of giving him a piratical accent. Unfortunately, while Fluttershy is then captivated by her tale of "Captain Angel" and his adventure against Hedgehog privateers and a monstrous Kraken, she still refuses to leave the shed.

Out of ideas, Fluttershy's friends prepare to leave, until Pinkie is struck with inspiration: she moves Fluttershy's shed-with Fluttershy still inside it-to the stage, allowing Fluttershy to give her speech without being able to see or be seen by any of the attendees. Ponyville's populace is unnerved by the unusual performance, while Fluttershy now genuinely wonders whether Angel might in fact be a pirate...



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