A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 3 chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 is the fifth chapter of My Little Pony: The Manga's third volume. The chapter stars Rainbow Dash as she seeks the Element of Loyalty in an Equestria very similar to her own...with one major exception.


Rainbow Dash arrives in an alternate Cloudsdale only to be greeted by a crowd of angry, battered Pegasi that includes her own counterpart. While the local Fluttershy is confused, the alternate Rainbow Dash quickly realizes that Discord must be involved. Having heard Rainbow Dash proclaim her intent to reclaim the Element of Loyalty, her counterpart blames her for certain incidents plaguing their world. These turn out to involve a comet that, having collided with Rainbow Dash's element, has been darting around wreaking havoc. The alternate Rainbow Dash has been blamed for this chaos, despite her own Element of Loyalty being safely kept in Canterlot.

Various attempts to snag the comet have failed, leaving the alternate Rainbow Dash injured and unable to fly. The newly arrived Rainbow asserts her determination to handle the situation, but her counterpart is just as competitive as she is. After failing to catch the comet after several more attempts, Fluttershy arrives with news that the comet has made its way onto the Star Dash Speedway. Rainbow Dash is stunned to learn of this racecourse, nonexistent in her own Equestria, which is built around a gravity well the ponies have harnessed using Magic. Rainbow Dash eagerly prepares to enter a big race set for that very day, the Cloudsdale 500.

Rainbow Dash's excitement is dampened with the news that, if the comet gets moving fast enough due to the gravity well's presence, it will create a sonic boom that will unleash the gravity well's effects on all of Equestria. As Rainbow Dash trains on the course, the alternate Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy assist with pillows, but they slow Rainbow down during the race. Despite removing them, Rainbow Dash is unable to travel fast enough to catch the comet without unleashing a Sonic rainboom that could unleash the gravity well just as they fear the comet will. Recognizing this, the local Rainbow Dash jumps into the race to assist her, proposing that they employ a maneuver that will allow Rainbow to move fast enough and take inevitable rainboom with her into her own world, thus negating the threat to this one. This plan succeeds, and Rainbow Dash disappears back to her own world, leaving her counterpart to claim the Cloudsdale 500 trophy.



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