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S2E15 Flim.png
Species Pony
Kind Unicorn
Gender Male
Occupation Con artist
War criminal[1]
Affiliation Brothers Flim & Flam
Friendship University
Nationality Equestrian
Residence Nomadic
Ponyville (Gameloft game)
Address Cider Machine
Family Skim family
Siblings Flam (brother)
Real world
Voice actor Sam Vincent
First The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

Flim is a con-artist alongside his brother, Flam. He had many run-ins with the Mane Six and in particular had somewhat of a rivalry with Applejack.


Cider Machine[edit]

Viva Las Pegasus![edit]


Final grifts[edit]


Flim much like his brother was a very charming, cheerful, and manipulative pony. His speaking pattern was very quick, never lingering on a single topic for long; this was very intentional as it caused many of his would-be suckers to fall pray of his scams.

Behind the scenes[edit]

In other media[edit]

In fanworks[edit]

As of March, 2022, the Flim Flam Brothers are tagged in nearly 400 fanfictions as prominent figures. Flam, when portrayed as his own character, is often depicted as the kinder, more compassionate of the two, and is often shipped with Applejack.



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