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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Unicorn
OccupationFashion designer
EducationPonyville Schoolhouse
Ponyville High
Ponyville University
Friendship University (fake student)
FamilyBelle family
Real world
VoiceTabitha St. Germain
Kimlinh Tran (mobile games)
Billy Chandler (Adventures in Equestria)
"Friendship is Magic"

Rarity is a member of the Mane Six and represents the Element of Generosity. She is a white Unicorn and though not nearly as powerful as Twilight Sparkle in the magical arts, is strong enough to hold her own against most threats. Befitting of her element, Rarity is kind and charitable, though can be stuck up and even violent in certain situations. In spite of her posh, well groomed and highly civilized nature, Rarity is incredibly brave and will go through great lengths to protect others.



Little Filly Rarity

Rarity was born in Ponyville,[1] and most likely grew up in the Belle residence with her two parents, Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles, and later her sister, Sweetie Belle. As a foal, she attended Ponyville Schoolhouse, where she was taught by Play Write. Even as a filly, Rarity was a dedicated fashion designer, doing costumes for a school play, though was not proud of her work. During the Sonic Rainboom, Rarity was mysteriously attracted to a 'dumb rock', that cracked open to reveal countless assortments of gems. Inspired by the colorful rocks, Rarity used the gems in her own designs, defining her style for decades to come.[2]

Growing up, Rarity was fascinated with fashion history and culture.[3]

Early adventures

At some point, Rarity opened her own business, Carousel Boutique, which designed and sold attire of her own creation. The boutique also served as her residence, as well as the occasional residence of Sweetie Belle. Rarity's first big known gig was when she was tasked with helping with decoration for the Summer Sun Celebration. On this day, she met and later befriended Twilight Sparkle and Spike and together, she and the other ponies united to stop Nightmare Moon and save Princess Celestia and all of Equestria. There, she was revealed to be the Element of Generosity and with the fellow Elements of Harmony, they founded the Mane Six.

Soon afterwards, she was invited to the Grand Galloping Gala by Twilight Sparkle.[4]

And the shippers went wild

Rarity would bond with her new friends very quickly and often went on adventures with them, both mundane and exciting, such as when they went to watch Trixie Lulamoon's magical performance, helping out Applejack with her farm, or even scaling a mountain to stop a dragon from blotting out the sun.[5][6] Though the many whimsical and daring journeys she went on in her early days, perhaps the most important one was among the most basic; when she was forced to sleepover with Twilight Sparkle and Applejack during a freak storm. Though she initially hated it, she quickly developed a special closeness with Applejack that she seldom had with other friends.[7]

Carousel Boutique would see a modest increase in business during the following days. As the Grand Galloping Gala drew nearer, Rarity decided to make unique and special clothing for her friends and show them off at an upcoming fashion show held by Hoity Toity. Though her initial designs were up to her typical quality, the increasing demands from her friends caused the clothes to become increasingly gaudy, leading to a poor performance and 'ruining' her career. Realizing their mistakes, her friends managed to recreate her old designs, winning over the fashion mogul in the end.[8]

Sometime later, Rarity was kidnapped by the Curs, who forced her to locate gemstones for them, though Rarity managed to conquer the situation by herself and her abilities to get others to do her bidding.[9] Her next major moment in her career was when she inadvertently Fluttershy into stardom after she designed a dress Fluttershy did modeling work in. Though Fluttershy became nationally known, Rarity's contributions went ignored.[10]

Her happily never after

On the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, Rarity was head-strong in her one and simple goal, to romance Prince Blueblood and to become a princess of Equestria. The actual day went...differently, as it quickly became apparent that Blueblood was a stuck-up jerk who put himself above others. Though Rarity tried to salvage the date night numerous times, she ultimately gave up on the prince and his self-absorbed demeaner and later reconvened with her friends, who decided to spend the rest of the night at Donut Joe's.[11]

Later life



Rarity's picky, non-adventurous nature

Rarity is a complicated pony with many, sometimes contradictory sides of her personality. Rarity is somewhat stuck up, occasionally looking down on others for whatever reason, but never judges them on the inside. She's kind-hearted, warm and a loving friend who shows goodwill and kindness to total strangers, usually not expecting anything in return. Usually.

Rarity can be seen as the most 'mature' of her friends, arguably moreso then even Twilight. She embodies ladylike behavior, rarely straying away from proper behavior, usually only doing so to protect her loved ones or in fits of rage. She is an artist at heart who takes her craft seriously, and has shown a wide-net of skills, such as painting, acting, and prose. Rarity is business-minded and runs an empire of different shops and services across Equestria.

Behind the scenes

Voice actors

For convivence sake, this list also contains actors for this version of Rarity in different media, such as Equeestria Girls and Pony Life.




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