A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 2 chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 is the fifth chapter of My Little Pony: The Manga's second volume. The chapter stars Pinkie Pie as she zeroes on on the actual cause of the time loop.


Applejack visits Twilight, bringing along an incredibly despondent {{FIM|Pinkie Pie]]. Twilight soon assembles the rest of the Mane Six to help out, but Pinkie remains hopeless after multiple failed attempts. It soon unfolds that Pinkie has had a repeat of this meeting so many times that she can repeat every word and gesture made by her friends during the recurring conversation. When she also reports that every attempt she and her friends have made to address the problem has met with failure, even Twilight is at a loss. However, Applejack surprises Pinkie by noting at least one deviation from the day that's been repeated: Dr. Hooves has not been buried under a cartload of apples.

After starting another repeated day and finding that there's no sign of the doctor in the pile of apples, Pinkie heads to Dr. Hooves's lab and explains what she's been experiencing to him and Derpy. Baffled, he notes that he has no memory of ever ending up in the apple pile, and notes that the only way Pinkie could have seen him was if there were somehow two of him, which he deems an impossible event. However, as Derpy reminds him, such an event has indeed occurred before. The doctor acknowledges this, though he is aware of no evidence suggesting that his counterpart has appeared in their Ponyville again.

Derpy, however, has, and reveals the alternate doctor's vehicle hidden under a tarp. The trio are unable to open it, and when the doctor asserts that the technology is beyond him, Pinkie suggest seeking out someone who might be more familiar: namely, "Space Pony" Star Dancer. She and her companions visit Star Dancer's house, and surprisingly find that it seems to be exempt from the time loop. Dr. Hooves deduces that Star Dancer may be in fact a Time Pony, rather than a Space Pony. Pinkie finds the suggestion laughable, but upon trying to investigate further inexplicably vanishes, prompting the doctor and Derpy to depart after failing in an attempt to follow her.



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