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Princess Luna
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"Friendship is Magic"

Princess Luna is the Princess of the Moon and co-monarch of Equestria alongside her sister, Princess Celestia. Together with Princess Cadance and Twilight Sparkle, they make up the Four Princesses of Equestria.


Personal life[edit]

Princess Luna is usually depicted as being scary or down right terrifying in the first appearances. This is taken down a notch when Twilight Sparkle attempts to ease Luna into a more modern way of thinking and acting, as her mannerisms where severely dated after her 1000 year exile on the moon. It isn’t until season 3, in the episode Sleepless In Ponyvile, where Princess Luna begins to show a caring, soft, and mellow side when assisting Scootalo with her nightmares, coming off as an empath who wishes to aid those who are having a tough time. Luna continues with this behavior when assisting Sweetie Belle. Luna then admits she still feels over shadowed by her sister in an effort to gain Sweeties attention who also felt like her sister was taking the spot light. Come season 5 and another aspect of her personality begins to show, her guilt, as seen in Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?. Her self loathing hand been tormenting her every night in her dreams, or better yet, nightmares by the Tantabus, who job was to simply remind her of all the negative part about her as Nightmare Moon. Luckily Twilight and her friends helps Princess Luna with her mental struggles and Luna learns that a bit of self forgiveness goes a long way.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Voice actors[edit]

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English Tabitha St. Germain English Alooma Steele Singing voice English Kazumi Evans Singing voice Japanese Yumi Uchiyama Season 1 Japanese Takako Honda Japanese Asami Yoshida Shadowbolt Mare Albanian Antela Hodo Season 1, 4- Albanian Gladiola Harizaj Seasons 2-3 Arabic Asma' Abdel-Hamid Singing, Luna's Future Arabic Ayah Hamza Bosnian Anita Memović Kajasa Singing, You'll Play Your Part Bosnian Mirna Jogunčić Kreso Croatian Katarina Perica Kirin Croatian Mirela Videk The Movie Czech Roberta Bartůňková Singing, season 4 Czech Klára Sochorová Dutch Marjolein Algera Estonian Jane Meresmaa-Roos Finnish Ella Pyhältö Season 1 Finnish Sari Ann Stolt Season 2- French France Bastoen Season 3 French Fanny Roy All seasons by 3, singing You'll Play Your Part French Nathalie Stas Singing season 6 Québecois Anne Dorval The Movie German Jill Schulz Season 1 German Heike Schroetter Season 2 Greek Ria Apergi Hebrew Noa Kashpitzki Hungarian Kitty Kántor Season 1 Hungarian Kriszta Németh Season 2- Hungarian Bernadett Vágó Singing Indonesian Clara Dewanti Italian Deborah Morese Korean Jeong Yu-mi Macedonian Zorica P. Pančiḱ Mandarin Liú Rú Píng Norwegian Agnes Fasting Persian Marzieh Ebrahimi Polish Brygida Turowska-Szymczak Brazilian Portuguese Priscila Borges Singing Brazilian Portuguese Fátima Noya Season 1 Brazilian Portuguese Fátima Noya Season 1 Portuguese Ana Vieira Romanian Anca Sigmirean Season 4 Romanian Gabriela Codrea Season 2, 3 and 5 Romanian Giada Giardinelli The Movie Russian Darya Frolova Season 2- Russian Lada Maris Season 4, singing Russian Ekaterina Shulgina Season 6, singing Russian Olga Zvereva Season 1 Russian Irina Savina The Movie Serbian Jelena Jovičić Singing season 6 Serbian Snežana Nešković Except season 3, singing season 4 Serbian Milena Živanović Season 3 Serbian Dragana Milošević Season 6 Mini dub Serbian Snežana Nešković Seasons 3-4, films, Mini dub Serbian Jelena Petrović Seasons 1-2, Mini dub Slovak Barbara Kelíšková Slovene Renata Gračnar Latin Spanish Laura Ayala Season 3- Latin Spanish Christine Byrd S1E2 Latin Spanish Carla Cerda Singing Latin Spanish Irene Jiménez Season 2 Spanish Spanish Carmen Ambrós Season 2, Singing season 6 Spanish Spanish Sofía García Season 1 Swedish Sharon Dyall Season 2- Swedish Josefina Hylén Season 1 Thai Gua Supinsaa Haan The Movie Turkish Ayça Koptur Seasons 1-2 Turkish Didem Adlıhan Seasons 4- Turkish Ceren Özkarataş Singing Ukrainian Yuliya Perenchuk Seasons 1-3 Ukrainian Anastasiya Zharnikova Seasons 4 Ukrainian Lidiya Murashchenko Seasons 5- Ukrainian Valentyna Sova The Movie


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In other media[edit]

IDW comics[edit]

Princess Luna was given a greatly expanded upon backstory in the IDW comics. In her teenage years, she was bullied relentlessly by her sister and pushed to perform spells far outside of her skill limit, causing her to open a portal to another universe where she was kidnapped by its inhabbidents. Deemed a "world breaker", Luna was destined to end up warping all worlds though with the love of her sister and help from the Pillars of Equestria, she managed to overcome that hurdle.

Equestria Girls[edit]

In Equestria Girls, Luna is the vice-principal of Canterlot High School and little sister to Principal Celestia. Despite being a bit grumpy and edgy, she is kind-hearted and cares deeply for her students, their happiness and their safety. She seems to have a bit of a rough relationship with her sister, as she contrasts with her more sunny personality.

A Day in the Life of Equestria manga[edit]

Luna has yet to make a formal appearance in the manga series but appears in merchandise.


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