Princess Skystar

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Princess Skystar
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
NationalityHippogriff Kingdom
Mount Aris
FamilyHippogriff royal family
Real world
My Little Pony: The Movie (2017 film)
My Little Pony (Gameloft)

Princess Skystar is the Hippogriff princess of Seaquestria and Mount Aris.


The daughter of Queen Novo, Skystar seems to have enjoyed a peaceful early life in the Hippogriff Kingdom. An outgoing sort, she was always eager to make new friends, though her royal status meant that she usually had to settle for the company of Hippogriff Royal Guards like Stratus Skyranger. Unfortunately, her homeland became embroiled in conflict with the Storm King's Realm, and after an attempt by his forces to seize the Pearl of Transformation, the Hippogriffs fled Mount Aris.[1] Fortunately, they were able to establish themselves in the undersea realm of Seaquestria, using the Pearl’s Magic to become Seaponies. However, Skystar remained lonely, and so desperate for friends that she “made” a pair out of clamshells, dubbing them Shelly and Sheldon.

During a visit to her old home, Skystar was seen by the Mane Six and Spike and promptly fled underwater. When the newcomers followed, Skystar conjured bubbles of air around their heads to enable them to breath. She soon warmed up to her visitors after learning of the Storm King’s attack on Equestria. Skystar brought them to her mother, who looked on with some annoyance as Skystar revealed that they were, in fact, the Hippogriffs the visitors were seeking. Queen Novo then granted her visitors aquatic forms using the Pearl, but refused to commit to helping Equestria.

Skystar eagerly invited her new acquaintances to join the Seapony community, but they were firm in their determination to return home with or without aid. At Twilight Sparkle’s suggestion, her friends decided to spend a bit of time with Skystar before their departure. The ensuing fun soon involved many if not all of Seaquestria’s residents, and even Novo began to soften towards their guests. Unfortunately, this was spoiled when Twilight, using her friends and Skystar as a distraction, made a desperate attempt to steal the Pearl for use as a weapon.

Novo promptly banished the Equestrians for this outrage, but Skystar remained sympathetic to her new friends. Following them to Basalt Beach, she returned to Hippogriff form and volunteered to help them save their home following Twilight’s abduction by Tempest Shadow. The unlikely band, which was also joined by Capper and Captain Celaeno’s pirate crew, made their way to Canterlot. Skystar and the Ornithians concealed themselves inside of a giant cake, only to burst out and engage the Storm Creatures after Grubber discovered their presence.

After fighting alongside the others briefly, Skystar acted as rearguard while the ponies, Spike, and Capper rushed to Canterlot Castle. The Storm King was soon defeated, and Skystar eagerly joined in with the Festival of Friendship that had been interrupted by the invasion. The other Hippogriffs soon arrived to take part as well, and Skystar happily reunited with her mother. However, the happiness was somewhat disrupted by Novo informing Skystar that she was grounded, though Skystar herself had predicted that very outcome. Despite this, Skystar went on to enjoy herself, flying with Rainbow Dash and judging a dance contest alongside Capper and Gummy.[2]

Struggling with boredom, Skystar sent a letter to her friends from Equestria inviting them to return to Seaquestria for a visit. Fluttershy decided to accept the invitation, and Skystar eagerly welcomed her back. After using the Pearl to make Fluttershy a Seapony once again, the pair set out to enjoy the city. However, Skystar was eventually forced to make Fluttershy aware of potential problems between the seaponies and Sand Dragons. After learning that one of the beasts had apparently abducted a guard named Cerulean, Skystar immediately volunteered to lead a rescue mission, and was given charge of several guards.

Accompanied by Fluttershy, the group traveled into the waters around Seaquestria, encountering various creatures in the process. Eventually they find the Sand Dragon Gnash, but Skystar prevents her guards from attacking him at Fluttershy’s request. Unfortunately, the aggression of a guard named Salt Air and several misunderstandings led to trouble, but Skystar was able to resolve the situation peacefully thanks to Fluttershy’s input. She then invited Gnash and his friends to visit Seaquestria, and she and Fluttershy enjoyed the ensuing festivities.[3]

Skystar was later present in Seaquestria when her cousin, Silverstream, pleaded with their people to help Equestria during the Apocalypse. The Hippogriffs joined various races in helping the ponies, though both Skystar and her mother were absent from the final battle.[4]



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