A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 3 chapter 3

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Chapter 3
Friendship is Magic manga chapter

Chapter 3 is the third chapter of My Little Pony: The Manga's third volume. The chapter stars Rarity as she seeks the Element of Generosity in an Equestria where the "fashion" seems to her to be anything but fashionable.


Rarity finds herself in what appears to be Ponyville, only to discover that it's an alternate version where, much to her dismay, the style of the 1980s is current and even being produced by her own counterpart. After entering Rarity's Ultra Rad Carousel Threadery, she quickly resolves to find the Element of Generosity as quickly as possible in order to make her escape. She is then approached by Retro Applejack and Retro Rainbow Dash, who mistake her for her counterpart. Struggling to contain her horror at their appearances, Rarity enlists them in her effort to locate the missing Element.

Upon hearing her description, the pair identify the Element as currently being part of a mosaic at the Retro Ponyville Foal Center, which happens to be located right across the street. Rarity quickly rushes in an effort to reach it, so eagerly that Applejack and Rainbow Dash are unable to warn her before she's shocked by a magical lock on the building. The two go on to explain that the Foal Center is scheduled for demolition, and when Rarity questions who's responsible, the trio are confronted by a pony whom Rainbow Dash and Applejack introduce to Rarity as Sudden Twist, daughter of real estate developer Plot Device. Rarity's attempt to gain entry fails, and it soon becomes evident that her only hope is to help her friends' counterparts in their efforts to raise enough money to buy the Foal Center.

Rarity soon learns that a fashion competition is being held, with the prize money being the exact amount needed to purchase the Foal Center. Unfortunately, Rarity soon realizes that she'll have to try and cater to the fashions of this Ponyville, and eventually throws together an outfit out of desperation. To her shock, it proves to be a hit, but Sudden Twist then unveils her own entry: a copy of Rarity's outfit with a reversed color scheme. With both outfits proving equally popular, Retro Celestia is called upon to decide the winner using the Colorful Puzzle Cubes of Eternal Frustration.

Sudden Twist, anticipating an easy victory in the contest, is shocked when Rarity solves her cube in seconds. The alternate ponies celebrate, but Rarity seizes the moment to touch her Element, with both disappearing back to their proper Equestria. However, Retro Rarity then returns from the errand she had been absent on this entire time, and is quickly swept up in the celebrations.



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