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FIM24 Baast.png
Species Cat
Kind Anugyptian cat
Gender Female
Affiliation Anugyptian revolutionaries
Nationality Anugyptian
Residence Anugypt
First Friendship is Magic #24

Baast was a member of the Anugyptian revolutionaries. She had some sort of history with Discord, licking him and cuddling up to him though Discord asserted that she was "just a friend". Baast hissed at Fluttershy, implying she may have found her as a rival for Discord's affection or something similar. Whatever the case, she and her fellow cats overthrew the Anugypt government and defeated King Anubis. Sweetie Belle told her she should use the Power of Friendship to stop Anubis, and Baast decided to use her advice, though it's unclear what happened afterwards.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Baast is a cat who appears in IDW Publishing's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series.

Like Anubis and Tehuti, Baast is named after an Egyptian deity. In her case, Bastet, also known as Baast and originally named bꜣstjt. As the goddess of protection against foul diseases, Bastet was originally depicted as a fierce lioness, but evolved into a gentler cat deity instead.

She bares the same color-scheme as Spike, oddly enough. Though in one panel, he eyes appear to be amber instead of green.


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