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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Pegasus
AffiliationPonyville Weather Control

Blossomforth is an Pegasus Pony Mare.


Era of Harmony

Blossomforth was one of the many pegasi to help out in the Jumbo Tornado project, though Rainbow Dash said she was "to flexible". Later, Blossomforth coughed, though Twilight Sparkle assumed Thunderlane coughed instead. As he flew to practice, Thunderlane scowled at Blossomforth who playfully chuckled.[1]

Era of Twilight

Blossomforth was at the Equestria Games.[2] Blossomforth was among the ponies negatively affected by Rarity's "inspiration".[3] While at a birthday party, Blossomforth was enjoyin Thunderlane's company as Rumble gave his brother an affectionate glance.[4] On Hearths Warming Eve, Blossomform helped decorate the Castle of Friendship with the help of Sunshower Raindrops, Helia, Thunderlane and Rumble.[5] Upset over the short but disasterous political career of Filthy Rich, Blossomforth turned her nose up to Filthy Rich's attempt to seem helpful and productive.[6]


Blossomforth is a rather cheeky pegasi who enjoys teasing others, but has been shown to be a capable flier in her own regard.


Pegasi abilities


  • Strength: Blossomform should have strength comparable to other pegasi in Ponyville and Cloudsdale, who were strong enough to move several clouds at once.
  • Speed: Blossomform should be around as fast as other pegasi in Ponyville


Behind the scenes


Blossomforth has gained a slight following, possibly due to her silly personality and flying skills.


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