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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
akaMystery Mare[1]
SpeciesPony • Earth Pony
EducationCanterlot Academy[3]
ResidenceCharming Bunkhouse
FamilyCheerilee's family
RelativesCherry Blossom[1]
Real world
DesignerLauren Faust
VoiceNicole Oliver
"Boast Busters"
"The Last Problem"

Cheerilee is an Earth Pony mare who worked as the teacher at the Ponyville Schoolhouse. Good-natured, charming sweet, caring, with a dash of a mischievous romantic nature, Cheerilee was a well-loved member of Ponyville society and earned the respect of townsfolk.


Very little is known of Cherrilee's early life[note 1] but by the time Twilight moved to Ponyville, Cheerilee was the teacher at Ponyville Schoolhouse.[4] Being the teacher of the school, Cheerilee would host and organize many school based events, such as talent shows and field trips.[5][6]

Being a kind-hearted, sweet-naturedand caring teacher, Cheerilee was well-loved by her students, especially the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who wanted to go out of their way to show her how much they loved her on one occasion. This occasion lead them to conduct a Love Poison to have her fall in love with Big McIntosh, and vice versa, causing the two to nearly get married, but after the event, they just remained "good friends".[7]

Personal life

Cheerilee is the teacher at the Ponyville schoolhouse and teaches the foals and fillies on many topics, such as history and cutie marks. As her name implies, she's very cheerful and upbeat and teaches with a genuine enthusiasm that seems to have endeared her to her many students. Even more cynical and mean-spirited students seem to look up to her and respect her word. Likewise, Cheerilee has the respect of several ponies in Ponyville for her intelligence, good-nature and kindness. Cheerilee is overall quite a lovely individual whose fostered sincere friendships with her students despite the age gap. Even if she can be corny or hokey, Cheerilee is undoubtedly a skilled teacher who simply loves her job. Cheerilee is a fairly active member of the Ponyville community and often times particulates in town events. Cheerilee spent a portion of her younger life in Canterlot and was a member of a local news station. In her early life, Cheerilee had a very peculiar fashion sense that was out of place even by the standards of the time and had a "wild" personality. However, she still seemed to be the slightly awkward, but kind and sweet mare that would later teach at Ponyville.

Cheerile has a twin sister whom she is estranged too. Her sister is a famous professional wrestler with a mysterious identity.

Cheerilee is considerably older than the Bearers of Harmony, but appears to be younger then the Cakes. She was a teenager or young adult when Twilight was just a filly and went to the same school as Shining Armor, meaning they'e close in age. Being a teacher, it makes since for Cheerilee to be a little older then the youth of her town.

Cheerilee apparently lives in Sweet Apple Acres in the Charming Bunkhouse with Peachy Sweet.[8] She once claimed she had many friends who cared about her very much.[9]


Cheerilee admitted that she had no "very special somepony" and hasn't appeared to have gotten one ever since. Some official artwork depicts her in a romantic context with Big McIntosh, though when the Crusaders tried to get them to date, nothing really came of it. As Cheerilee became a less recurring character in later seasons, less and less of her personal life has been revealed over the years.


Cheerilee is an average sized Earth Pony with a Carissma coat and mane colored Azalea and Vanillia Ice with a Hopbrush coat. Her eyes are a dark shade of green and her Cutie Mark is three smiling flowers, symbolizing he gentleness and love of children. As a filly, Cheerilee looked much the same, only smaller and slightly more round. In her teenage to young adult years, Cheerilee wore a wild mane.


Cheerilee's love for her students is only matched by he love of Apple Cider

Cheerilee is a kind, understanding, down-to-earth and forgiving pony. She's a great teacher, good enough to foster genuine relationships with her students while still having the responsibility to lay down her authority when she needs too. She's shown to really care about her students and their happiness. She also understands matters of the heart, as she understood that while the Cutie Mark Crusaders made a huge mess on Hearts and Hooves Day, they only did so because they cared about Cheerilee a lot. Cheerilee doesn't have much of a life outside of her school however. While she has friends and gets along with just about everyone, she didn't have much of a love-life until the CMC introduced her to Big Mcintosh, and even that is mostly implied or hinted at. Regardless, Cheerilee is shown to be a generally happy pony who's rarely upset. Cheerilee is shown to have a mild "wild-side" to her personality, she loves to dance and is quite the fan of Apple Cider. In spite of her seemingly inactive social life, Cheerilee appears to have a romantic side, though whether or not she's actually romantically interested in Big Mac or if the two put on a show to mess with the CMC is left in the air. A mare with hidden talents, Cheerilee has been shown to be surprisingly good at fighting a few times, skilled and strong enough to defeat one of Nightmare Rarity's goons, other goons could go hoof-to-hoof with strong ponies such as Spitfire, Lightning Dust and Big Mac. Cheerilee was also shown to be able to hold her own in the ring against professional wrestlers.

Cheerilee is generous and caring, and gave Spike a birthday present despite the two not interacting much.


Cheerilee is shown to be surprisingly strong, able to burst open doors that where reinforced with countless heavy objects and managed to hold her own against wrestlers. Befitting of a teacher, Cheerilee is quite intelligent, although not as smart as Twilight Sparkle. Cheerilee is also a fan of dancing, but isn't to great at it.

Behind the scenes

Early appearances

Cheerilee first appeared as a cameo in "Boast Busters", witnessing the Ursa Minor of the Everfree Forest rampaging around Ponyville at night. Cheerilee made two more cameo appearances in "Look Before You Sleep" and "Winter Wrap Up" before having her first major appearance in "Call of the Cutie", where she was portrayed by Nicole Oliver. After this episode, she had many more voiced or major-cameo appearances throughout the first two seasons before she eventually had her first, and arguably only, spotlight episode in "Hearts and Hooves Day", where the Crusaders tried to hook her up with Big Mac.

Her relationship with Big Mac was one of the few romantic relationships in the series aside from already established couples (such as the Cakes' and Belle and Sparkle family parents) and was referenced in other media, such as the IDW comics storyline Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair an other pieces of IDW cover art. However, their relationship ultimately went nowhere and Big Mac ended up marrying Sugar Belle instead.

Later appearances

While Cheerilee seemed to be shaping up to be one of the very few major recurring adult characters who was not related to the main cast, her prominence in the franchise plummeted after season two. With her relationship with Big Mac not going anywhere, Cheerilee had three cameo appearances in season 4, and several minor and cameo appearance and minor appearances in season 5. She received a few more major appearances in the last four seasons of the show, most notably "The Cart Before the Ponies", "Parental Glideance" and "The Last Crusade", but was otherwise reduced to background appearances and crowd shots.

Cheerilee had marginally more major roles in the comics. She was a major figure in Friendship is Magic #29, which also dealt with her family drama with her sister, Cherry Blossom and appeared throughout the Elections storyline where she she ran for Mayor of Ponyville, only to lose to Filthy Rich.

Cheerilee would appear in My Little Pony: The Manga in a fairly minor appearance.


In the mobile game, there are a few hints that Cheerilee may be a member of an rustic family. In the game, she lives in the Charming Bunkhouse, a barn in Sweet Apple Acres and is a member of the "Apple Folks" collection, a collection made up of farming and ranch folk. Due to the limited nature of the game, Sweet Apple Acres is used as home for ponies from other, similarly rustic places, such as Appleloosa and Dodge Junction. Furthermore, her sister holds an athletic career as a wrestler.


In Call of the Cutie, a flashback showed a young Rarity in a school play with one of her classmates being a young Cheerilee. This flashback was set at the same time as Twilight's story, when she was a filly. This would imply that Twilight and Cheerilee were roughly the same age, but in Neigh Anything, Cheerilee was shown to be a student at Canterlot Academy well in her teens or young adult years while Twilight was just a filly.


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