Spot (Friendship is Magic)

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Spot S1E19.png
Species Dog
Kind Diamond Dogs
Gender Male
Affiliation Curs
Nationality Diamondian
Residence Cave
First "A Dog and Pony Show"

Spot is a Diamond Dog and member of the Curs. He's the smallest of the Curs by far.


Like his friends, Rover and Fido, Spot was likely seen as a criminal back in Diamondia and was thus kicked out of it. Since then, he eventually took up residence in a cave near Ponyville. After his group kidnapped Rarity, they began to use her as a diviner, but they grew extremely annoyed of her high-maintenance personality and thus let her go. It's possible Spot was written about in the book, Villains, Monsters and Ne'er-do-wells, as Twilight imagined him while reading through the book.


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