Pinkie Pie (Friendship is Magic)

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Pinkie Pie
S9E26 Pinkie.png
Species Pony
Kind Earth Pony
Gender Female
Occupation Baker
Affiliation Friendship Council
Nationality Equestrian
Residence Ponyville
Address Sugarcube Corner
Family Pie family
Pie-Sandwich family
Parents Cloudy Quartz
Igneous Rock
Siblings Maud Pie
Marble Pie
Limestone Pie
Real world
Voice actor Andrea Libman
Brittany Lauda (PlayDate Digital apps)
Kira Buckland (My Little Pony: Luna Eclipsed)
Shelby Young (Toys R' Us)
Melissa Hutchison (Target)[1]
First "Friendship is Magic"
Last "The Last Problem"

Pinkie Pie was a member of the Mane Six, the Element of Laughter, (most likely) the wife of Cheese Sandwich, mother of Li'l Cheese and owner of Gummy. She was known for being extremely kindhearted and boisterous, always trying to make others feel better. Though one may be fooled by her lighthearted nature, Pinkie was a brave, determined and hardworking pony who always did the right thing.


Early life[edit]

Pinkie was born on the Rockfarm in Rockville, Equestria. Although her family was loving and caring, they were very boring and dull, and though Pinkie loved them dearly, she left them to make a life of her own after she witnessed the Sonic Rainboom.[2] After she left her hometown, she headed into Ponyville and found her calling as a Party Pony, indirectly inspiring the pony who would become her ultimate rival, close friend, and eventual husband, Cheese Sandwich in the process.[3]

Later life[edit]

After the Final Battle for Equestria, Pinkie continued to live in Ponyville even after Twilight Sparkle and Spike left to live in Canterlot. While in Ponyville, she eventually started a romantic relationship with Cheese Sandwich and even had a son with him named Li'l Cheese. She and the others agreed to meet every moon so they could discuss matters, help rule Equestria together and and most of all, still keep in touch with everypony.[4]


Personal life[edit]


Behind the scenes[edit]



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