Merry May

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Merry May
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Pegasus
Weather worker
ResidenceFlorists' Cottage (mobile game)
Real world
"The Ticket Master"
"The Summer Sun Setback"

Merry May was a green-coated pegasus who lived in Ponyville, Equestria.


Merry May was shown to have a couple of jobs. She worked as a mover and helped transport goods across Equestria; while on the job, Derpy accidentally dropped a pot, haystack, anvil and piano on Twilight Sparkle.[1] She has also been seen working as a Rainbow mixer at the Rainbow Factory and helped make clouds among her co-workers, Warm Front, Noteworthy and Parasol,[2] and years later was seen helping to control the Weater Machine after it was malfuctioning.[3] Perhaps her greatest contribution to Equestria came from when she helped Rainbow Dash and Sunshower Raindrops tie up storm clouds during Princess Celestia's last Summer Sun Celebration.[4] She has also been seen working as a judge for a local swimming competition and gave Granny Smith a "10".[5] At least once, Merry May has been shown to be an athlete, working as an aerial baton for the Ponyville Equestria Games team.[6]

When she wasn't working, she was often seen shopping or visiting cultural shows, such as sports events, fashion runways or concerts. Some shops she was seen shopping at was Rose's flower shop and Quill's and Sofas; during her shopping escapades, she was shown to possibly be a bit rude or unaware of her surroundings, as she cut in front of Rarity without paying her any mind.[7] She has also been seen shopping at the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange.[8] She appeared to be a fan of Rara and Sapphire Shores and attended some of their concerts.[9][10] She has also appeared in the audience for a theatrical play[11] and a baseball game.[12]

In other media

Racing is Magic

Merry May appears on the Sweet Apple Acres racecourse and Everfree Forest racecourse alongside Minuette and Golden Harvest.



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