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Bon Bon
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Bon Bon, real name Sweetie Drops, was a Earth Pony mare who resided in Ponyville, Equestria. She worked as a secret agent for S.M.I.L.E. and went on many adventures with her wife, Lyra Heartstrings. As a civilian, she worked as a candy maker and seller.


Early life[edit]

Bon Bon grew up in Ponyville[1], and may have been an only-child or had a brother, as she implied she had no sisters.[2]


Bon Bon lived in a house in Ponyville, and worked at Sweetie Drops Candies, a candy shop that she presumably founded. Sometime, likely after Twilight moved to Ponyville, Bon Bon met, befriended, and later formed a romantic relationship with a unicorn named Lyra Heartstrings. After years of love, the two got married and lived happily for the decades to come.[3]


Behind the scenes[edit]

Previous generations[edit]

Bon Bon is a multi-generation character who first debuted in Generation 1 as a member of the Seven Pony Friends characters and toy set. She was a main character of My Little Pony Tales and was the host of Bon Bon's Diary, a feature in the My Little Pony Comic Book series of British comics.

Within her initial appearance, Bon Bon was characterized as being an avid cooker and fan of sweets, often eating cakes and donuts, but was also sensitive and kind. She was a middle child, with several younger and one or two older siblings. (only one older sibling is shown, but some tertiary sources implied she had two) Bon Bon was among the only one in her group of friends who ha a "traditional" nuclear family life, living with her biological parents and siblings, whereas her friends sometimes had more nontraditional home-lives, such as Patch who was adopted, and Melody who lived with her single mother.

She had a Dutch counterpart named Candy Pony.


Bon Bon's true name is Sweetie Drops, but was named Bon Bon in pieces of merchandise, for example, the Bon Bon, Candy Expert trading card, and several others, however, other merchandise also named her as Sweetie Drops. Since Bon Bon is an established name, we call her as such on the wiki.

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