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Twilight Sparkle
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Queen[1][2] Twilight Sparkle was the Element of Magic and last known monarch of Equestria, serving as the queen after the Retirement of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Before her reign as the matriarch of the country, she worked as the Princess of Friendship, and before that, she was a humble librarian at Golden Oak Library. Born in the capital city of Canterlot, Twilight was the youngest child and only daughter of Twilight Velvet and Night Light. Early in her life, she enrolled at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns where she was taught as Celestia's own pupil.




Twilight Sparkle was born in Canterlot[3] and grew up in a household with her parents Twilight Velvet, Night Light and her older brother, Shining Armor.[4] After the Summer Sun Celebration, Twilight grew enamored with Princess Celestia and studied hard to become a student at Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns. Though she didn't initially past, due to the boost by the Sonic Rainboom, she managed to gain a surge of magic and hatched Spike from his egg and became the official protege of Princess Celestia at the school.[5]

Spike eventually went to live with Twilight at her house and would often join her and Shining Armor as they compete for the title of "Sibling Supreme", which Shining Armor ultimately won from them.[4] She was often babysat by Princess Cadance and the two grew to love each other like family[6] and did many activities together like making macaroni art pieces, which Spike apparently never appreciated.[7]

Teenage and young adult life

Best Book Borrower!

Twilight spent her days at Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns, often studying and sometimes hanging out with others. Although characterized as the girl who thought studying was more important than friendship, she actually did manage to accumulate a decent amount of good and caring friends in her life. At her school, she became great friends with Twinkleshine, Minuette and Moon Dancer and to some extent knew Lyra Heartstrings, although they were sometimes annoyed by her constantly studying attitude, they accepted it as a part of who she was.[8] Another friend Twilight had during this time was the kindly old librarian Dusty Pages, who invited Twilight over for tea from time to time.[7]

On the day Twilight left for Ponyville, she forgot to return her copy of Perfection: The Impossible Pursuit, which eventually caused Dusty Pages to retire from her life as a librarian and become a musician instead at Silver Stable Community, something Twilight would later greatly regret, believing she got her fired.[7] during the same day, she forgot to visit Moon Dancer's party, which caused the already insecure unicorn to become a shut in, rarely leaving her house.[8]

Librarian of Ponyville

Twilight often did public speeches during her days in Ponyville

After moving to Ponyville, Twilight became the librarian of Golden Oak Library, along with her ever-faithful little brother, Spike. Together with her friends, Twilight participated in many events within Ponyville, such as the Running of the Leaves, Iron Pony Competition, and Nightmare Night while also helping as an organizer for community events such as a talent show and the Winter Wrap Up.

Twilight quickly and naturally established herself was an important figure of Ponyville society, working as a public speaker to give important speeches in town square, organizing town meetings to warn her citizens of dangers encroaching the town, or organizing local festivals and events, such as the Welcome Princess Celestia celebration. Twilight in these situations either went at a perfectly slow, yet methodical and happy pace, or desperately tried to do something as well as possible, often failing at it in the process, but also striving to improve upon herself and her abilities.

Twilight developed many meaningful relationships during this period of her life. Her first unusual friend not among the friends she made in her first adventure was arguably the kind and mature zebra, Zecora. Though Twilight initially believed Zecora to be an evil-doer who cursed her and her friends and kidnapped Apple Bloom, she quickly learned that Zecora was a friendly and compassionate, if slightly odd, individual who quickly forgave her for her wrong-doings and the two developed a minor student-teacher relationship, with Twilight admiring Zecora and her abilities.

Twilight encounters Trixie

Another notable relationship was fellow unicorn Trixie Lulamoon, a deeply insecure and vain unicorn who performed at live magic shows displaying her impressive magic abilities, wowing audiences and scoring fans. Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six saw through her act almost instantly, but Twilight refused to act, fearing her friends who grow to dislike her as they disliked Trixie, but after Twilight saved Ponyville from an Ursa Minor, something Trixie actively fled from trying, her fears were shown to be unfounded and her friends loved her even more.

Twilight's next, and final antagonistic, confrontation with Trixie happened about a year later when the unicorn, now empowered by the Alicorn Amulet, came back to Ponyville to enact her revenge and banished Twilight from the town. Devastated, but eager to save the day, Twilight trained with Zecora in the Everfree Forest to defeat her with guile. Twilight managed to defeat Trixie for a second time and this time, Trixie saw the error of her ways and the two became friends.

Twilight would also become a close figure to members of the Apple family and Belle family, becoming a mentor and big-sister figure to the Cutie Mark Crusaders and a close friend of Big McIntosh. Despite her many friendships however, she more-or-less only truly spent time with her fellow Elements of Harmony, her own family, and the Crusaders.

Unarguably, the biggest and most important adventures Twilight went on during this period of her life were stopping Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra from taking over Canterlot and the Crystal Empire respectively. With the help of her good friends and her siblings, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, she managed to beat back both villains and restore peace in the locations they attacked and more importantly, stopped them from spreading their evil presence to the rest of Equestria.

Princess of Friendship

Twilight was coronated at roughly the end of her first year in Ponyville and became the Fourth Princess of Equestria, gaining the title of Princess of Friendship in the process. For an unknown but sizable period of time, Twilight still resided in Golden Oak, but was expected to soon move into the Castle of Two Sisters and so she and her frieds attempted to renovate the structure.[9] She never did move in, however, and instead she moved to the Castle of Friendship after Tirek destroyed her humble library in his assaults on Equestria.[10] Twilight quickly rose to celebrity status, both being highly respected locally and abroad.[11][12]

Twilight remained humble in her tenure as princess, often spending her time educating others, typically foals but sometimes her friends.[11][13]

Queen of Equestria

And I used to wonder, what friendship could be...

Twilight's final day in Ponyville was a day of great sadness for her. The fear of moving away from her friends and anxiety of losing them in the process made an already difficult situation for Twilight much harder as she prepared for her coronation and packed up to move to Canterlot. However, with the aid of her friends, she managed to overcome her fears and performed the coronation, officially becoming the Queen of Equestria.

Much of Twilight's life after her second and final coronation was unclear, but she ruled Equestria as a graceful, majestic and kind ruler. Much like Celestia did prior, Twilight took up charge as the headmare of Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns and took a student under her wing named Luster Dawn, who may have been the daughter of Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst.

Twilight kept in contact with her five friends from Ponyville, and presumably the other friends she made along the way, and founded the Friendship Council, an organization made up of her, Spike, the others and possibly Discord as they caught up on each others lives, discussed matters of Equestria and ruled the land together.

Using her continued friendship with the others as an example, Twilight taught Luster Dawn that friendship isn't something that fades, but stays forever if true and genuine.[14]

Personal life


Twilight's bookish nature

Twilight Sparkle was among the most righteous and heroic ponies in all of Equestria. She is incredibly brave, noble, selfless, kind, courageous and determined. Prior to moving to Ponyville, Twilight wasn't concerned with making friends or having anything resembling a social life. Instead, Twilight was mostly just interested in herself and propelling herself forward. Twilight was generally polite, but often put others down without thinking about their feelings. Regardless, Twilight had redeeming qualities. Although she acted mostly out of personal gain, Twilight wasn't necessarily selfish or mean-spirited, just focusing on herself and herself alone. She was altruistic, caring and had a genuine want to help others. She showered the few people she was close to with loving affection and though she was rather controlling over Spike, still showed him nourishment and love.

After moving to Ponyville, Twilight has developed into the friendly, sweet and high-spirited pony who enjoys making knew friends and spreads the virtues of friendship that we know and love today. Twilight is well known for her scholarly personality and unparalleled intelligence, studying more then just a little bit of everything. Twilight has been bookish from a young age, but as a filly, Twilight was far more adventurous then she was prior to moving to Ponyville. She often went on adventures throughout nearby woods and even played games of Oubliettes and Ogres with her brothers' friends. She appeared to be considerably more friendly and outgoing as a filly too. Though she appeared somewhat cold and a little stoic to Cadance, the two quickly became best friends.

As a filly, Twilight was very dramatic and over the top, often reacting to situations with extreme emotions and expressions. To an extent, this personality trait carried over into her adult life, and is much more clear in some incarnations than others, but is typically downplayed. Twilight was a very precocious child, having a nigh-genius level intellect when she could be no older then 5, she proved smart enough to threaten even Cadance in a battle of the wits, proving herself to be Cadance's equal in the end. However, Twilight was also a lot less caring as a filly. In contrast to several fan-interpretation of Twilight's character as a filly, Twilight cared very little for Spike, only thinking of him as an assignment she had to complete to make Princess Celestia proud, not as a friend to be loved. Twilight learned the error of her ways after realizing how badly she affected the baby dragon, and how much the dragon still loved her despite her flaws. Ever since, Twilight and Spike developed a relationship akin to an elder-sister, little-brother with Twilight supporting Spike, but also scolding him and shows a somewhat maternal side to him.

Twilight goofing off at the Summer Wrap Up

Despite her occasional lapses into stuck up and self-absorbed behavior, Twilight is generally good-natured, playful and even goofy. When she's not studying or reading or saving all of Equestria, Twilight enjoys having fun in more traditional hobbies. She's shown to enjoy singing, dancing, telling stories and generally goofing off. Twilight loves to party and almost always has a blast at Pinkie's parties. Twilight also enjoys public parties, having the time of her life at the Summer Wrap Up, singing and dancing with her friends and playing with Big Mac. Twilight loves to eat and gets upset when someone else eats her food, but is always willing to share. She particularly appears to enjoy fries and cakes. Twilight is a great friend, caring and loving, supportive and nurturing, respectful and polite. Despite her polite nature, Twilight is shown to have occasional bad manners, though never out of laziness of malice. She eats like a hog and sometimes lacks control of her emotions, going ballistic or even crazy over continued annoyances, though has grown to control her emotions and keep her cool in her years in Ponyville. Although sometimes seen as a "by the books nerd" by her friends, Twilight houses an artistic and creative side that occasionally comes out. When she was staying with Summer Mane, her singing drove the aged mare crazy.

Twilight often acts as an older-sister-mentor type figure to those younger than her. She has proven herself to be a skilled teacher who cares for and respects her students greatly, never talking down to them or belittling their abilities, while also treating them like dear friends.

A rare instance of a graceful Twilight

Twilight is equipped with a sincere love for all life in Equestria. Whenever lives are in danger, she springs to their aid, whether they be friend or foe. The extent of her selfless nature can be seen when she saved Discords life from Tirek, despite Discord being a consistent threat to Equestria and personally betrayed her only hours prior to the event. Twilight was sincerely sympathetic to Sombra after realizing the harsh childhood he was forced to endure, constantly being taunted by visions of his future self, and eventually caving into his foreseen destiny as the "King of the monsters". Twilight also showed empathy towards Tempest Shadow after realizing how betrayed and lonely she felt all throughout her life, and cared about the dysfunctional mare even when she was attempting to give Twilight up to the Storm King. Regardless of this, Twilight has her limits and though she felt bad for Sombra, she had no qualms with trying to ambush him. Likewise, Twilight seems to have utterly no love or Queen Chrysalis either, viewing her as nothing more then a truly wicked queen.

Twilight's ego may have been severely reduced, but it will never be gone. As such, she has a need to be right, even when it's for arbitrary or petty reasons

Sometimes, Twilight is extremely expressive and emotes to situations in a much more cartoonish fashion then usual. These situations tend to play off of Twilight's well-known 'problems' regarding her stress and need to be the best she can possibly be. Even at her absolutely most extreme portrayals, Twilight always retains her strong moral center and never does anything to bad. However, she doesn't necessarily seem to have a problem with stalking and spying on others for personal gain, though is greatly embarrassed upon getting caught. That said, Twilight has shown to be okay with using or even manipulating others for self-gain, however this usually only happens when Twilight is to far gone to see things rationally. This isn't always the case and sometimes she simply does rude or mean things to get out of annoying social situations. This side of her personality is more or less a leftover byproduct of her anti-social behavior and has mostly melted away, as with several (but certainly not all) of Twilight's more negative traits.

Additional glimpses of Twilight's personality can be seen in her relationship with her opposite from the Reflection universe. In the reflection universe, Twilight was cold, uncaring and only reads non-fiction books. This version of Twilight also didn't appear to care for her friends and had no qualms or concerns when the universes version of Rarity abandoned Spike for the most minor of offenses. Despite her overall good nature, Twilight has a rather nasty temper. She's blown up at her friends in stressful situations, even passively threatening Pinkie Pie with a magic spell during the adventures beyond Equestria, though immediately regretted her actions. Twilight has also willingly given up on her friends when she believed they no longer cared about one another, but once again heavily regretted this decision and reconciled with her friends shortly thereafter. In tandem of her temperamental side, there lies her emotional side. Twilight has been shown to flair between emotions at a moments notice. On the Fiftieth Day after her Birthday Party, Twilight was downtrodden after believing none of her friends cared about her anymore and didn't want to spend time with her, but was reduced to tears of joy when they told her just how much they loved her.

In conjunction of Twilight's more rational mindset, Twilight is extremely neat, tidy and tries her best to be as organized as possible. This is, of course, one of the many self-destructive qualities of Twilight's personality that tends to cause her to become more stressed then she reasonably should. Although this quality sometimes annoys her friends, they have mostly since accepted it and sometimes help her with her organizing. In the manga story, "Cleaning!?", Rainbow Dash tried to help Twilight with her chores, but only made a massive mess by throwing all of her stuff outside. Spike also usually helps with the cleaning, but sometimes does it all by himself.

Twilight is exceedingly humble, almost to a self-destructive level at times. She vehemently dislikes to show off the true extent of her magical talent in public in fear people will think less of her, and she has an overall stigma against using her abilities in public situations outside of simple spells and tricks. This has softened up considerably over the years. Despite her constant fear of losing her friends, Twilight is generally admired and respected by most people she meets. Even villains such as Discord have warmed up to her over time.

Upon becoming a princess, Twilight was rocked with a myriad of mixed feelings. While initially elated at such a prospect, Twilight was quickly met with stress and self-doubt. She simply didn't believe herself not be qualified for the position, despite her friends all cheering her on. Twilight went to seek help from her elders in Ponyville, such as the Cakes, who showed her warmth and sincerely believed in her, but Twilight wasn't convinced. She went to seek the advice of her sister-in-law, Princess Cadance. Even after Cadance gave her solid advice and helped her through the stress, Twilight still was not convinced. Days later, she still felt uncomfortable and anxious over her position and struggled to sleep at nights because of this. Granted, her inability to sleep was also amplified by her wings, which proved rather uncomfortable. Twilight has since grown into her role as Princess phenomenally and has become by far one of the most beloved figures in Equestria given her kind and courageous spirit.

Twilight typically speaks in a rather "advanced" manner. Although her language is considerably less artistic and theatrical as her close friend Rarity, it's still more regal then most of her friends. Twilight tends to use bigger-than-necessary words and often uses scientific names for objects, creatures and other things rather than the more familiar terminology. Twilight doesn't do this to project herself as a superior entity however, it's merely a habit and will always, and usually without annoyance, switch to more down-to-earth terminology when others have trouble following. Outside of her affiliation towards scientific wordings, Twilight has a tendency to lower her voice in more awkward situations and talk more 'girlish' then she usually does when she doesn't seem to know what to do. Twilight also has a tendency to rant and rabble, stringing together long, mumbled, incoherent messes of words when under stress or in disbelief. To a lesser, more coherent extent, Twilight can perform these when sufficiently angered.

Twilight Sparkle is a righteous pony with a strong moral center and good sense of justice and law. She believes herself to be pure of heart, and has proven her good and selfless nature on many occasions. She is willing to risk her life not only for the safety of those she cares about, but also for strangers and even enemies, as she believes it to be the right thing to do. Although her morals can be halted by the prospect of personal gain - especially academic gains - she will always do the right thing in the end, no matter what. Twilight is willing to forgive friends and enemies alike if she believes them to be sincere, such as when she accepted Thorax for who he was or when she forgave and befriended Fizzle Pop Berry Twist. Twilight is always willing to fight for what she thinks is right, such as in her numerous clashes with Queen Chrysalis and other enemies. Although it doesn't become an issue to often, Twilight is lawful to a fault. She utterly refuses to betray Princess Celestia's law and rule, even when it's the right thing to do, and as such, did not once use her magic on Longhorn and his goons until they were blatantly breaking the law. This trait occasionally puts her at odds with her friends, but never for long. She is however, willing to manipulate the law in her favor as long as she doesn't break it. Twilight has proven herself to be brave, selfless and undoubtedly heroic in her many adventures, often making great sacrifices to save her friends and all of Equestria. During "The Return of Queen Chrysalis" story arc, Twilight willingly sacrificed herself so that her friends would not be drained of their love and solemnly mentioned how much she loved them in the process. Unquestionably a hard worker by nature, Twilight managed her library with impressive organization and punctuation, more so, Twilight would often help organize town events, sometimes even as the manager or leader of said events. It can be said that Twilight was essentially always doing something. Whether that be studying, experimenting, work, adventures, socialization or another myriad of errands Twilight has on her nigh-endless to-do list. Despite this, Twilight is usually chipper and sunny, but can have bouts of stress, especially after becoming a princess.

Interests and hobbies

Despite her love for reading, Twilight has found it boring before

Twilight has a wide range of academic, literary and scholarly interest. She is a huge fan of the works of Jade Singer and has read a vast amount of books pertaining to countless subjects, such as law,[15] biology, monsters,[16] astronomy,[17] history,[18] etc. Twilight is quite the enthusiast of literature in general, given her deep knowledge of fictional stories and fairy tales. Despite this, she doesn't appear to be very savvy on more contemporary works such as Pony Trek or Power Ponies.

Twilight's obsession for books

At times, Twilight is shown to have an obsession with books. During a Hearths Warming Eve stuck in a train station, Twilight went ballistic when she realized she had no books to read and ended up causing property damage in an attempt to find a book. Twilight loves reading so much that she set up her reading room for maximum reading capabilities. She owns two chairs for reading, a comfortable, velvet chair that she uses to read fiction, and a hardened, stiff chair she uses for non-fiction - She claims the stiff chair allows her to stay awake. Twilight loves to share the joys of reading with her friends, she always got Spike books for his birthday and Hearts Warming Eve and it was Twilight who finally got Rainbow Dash to read a book. Twilight is a huge fan of the Daring Do franchise, having read every book in the series.[19] She claimed she knew just as much about Daring Do as Rainbow Dash and the had a trivia contest to prove it.

Iceskating with the girls

Twilight is shown to be fairly athletic and competitive in her own right. She enjoys swimming, but isn't very good at it. Nearly drowning in her attempts to swim at the beach, only to be saved by Rarity.[20] Twilight seems to have an affiliation with water in general, as she highly enjoyed resting in the Dark Water near Abyssinia. Twilight has a healthy appreciation for competition. She enjoys competing, but rarely makes it personal and enjoys whatever she does to compete. She's also been shown to be a fan of iceskating, though isn't very good at it.[21] She participated in the Running of the Leaves event and did petty decent in her own right, though wasn't in the top 5. It seems that the respectable amount of athletic activity has done wonders for Twilight, as she's nearly as lean, powerful and durable as Applejack and Rainbow Dash in he more recent adventures, though still prefers magic.

Twilight has a fascination with science and history, spending a good portion of her free time studying both and has amassed an incredibly respectable pool of knowledge in both. Twilight has shown to have a near encyclopedic knowledge of Equestrian history, knowing a wealth of information on countless aspects of Equestria's well-storied history and has a real love for it.

Kawaii desu

Twilight is shown to enjoy sandwiches and fries. In general, Twilight has a love for eating that surprises many. She's a huge fan of Applejack and Pinkie Pie's cooking and is almost always seen enjoying their dishes. She also appears to be a fan of Spike's cooking, though never really gushes about it. Since Spike appears to be the cook of the household, it's possible that while she enjoys his cooking, she's just used to it. Like most ponies, Twilight has quite the sweet tooth. She loves pastries such as cakes, cupcakes and muffins and guzzles down Apple Cider. She's also a fan of fruits and vegetables. Really, theirs seldom any food Twilight doesn't seem to enjoy, or at east tolerate.

Twilight enjoys teaching others about history or to improve them as individuals. She also has a love for learning and growing better herself, and trained with Zecora to improve her skills. Twilight appears to be fairly interested in the game Niramekko, or at least knows the inner workings of the game and even made a funny face when discussing it.

Reputation and fame


Twilight hails from the Sparkle family of unicorns. Although the exploits of her past lineage is largely unknown, the children of Twilight Velvet and Night Light have proven to be extremely successful in the land of Equestria, with Shining Armor marrying a princess and becoming the head of the Royal Guards, while Twilight has become a princess herself and a symbol of love and friendship throughout Equestria. The Sparkle family continues to grow with the birth of Flurry Heart, the daughter of Shining Armor and Princess Cadance. In terms of extended family, it is strongly implied that Twilight's Sister-In-Law, Cadance, is related to Radiant Hope, though Cadance knows nothing of her lineage.

  • Twilight Velvet: Twilight Velvet is Twilight Sparkles mother. Much like Night Light, she appears to be a caring and loving parent.
  • Shining Armor: Shining Armor is Twilight's older brother. Shining Armor is good-natured, friendly, caring, supportive, forgiving and makes friends very quickly. He's protective over Twilight and always jumps to her aid when she's in trouble, but is never overbearing. He respects his sisters intelligence and understands just how capable she is. Although the two love each other very much, their busy jobs keep them from spending as much time together as they would like. Shining Armor said Twilight was his family mare in the whole wide world, tied with Cadance of course.
  • Princess Cadance: Cadance is Twilight's sister-in-law and former babysitter. The two are very close, they share a sisterly bond and would do anything for one another. When te two were looking through Sombra's old possessions, Twilight said Cadance was her sister, and that she will come to her aid whenever she needed it. Although Twilight briefly thought Cadance turned evil during the Canterlot Wedding, when she realized that it was actually Queen Chrysalis and not Cadance, she patched up her friendship with the Alicorn. The two enjoy teasing Shining Armor for his somewhat dimwitted acts.
  • Flurry Heart: Flurry Heart is Twilight's niece. They have a close, loving relationship. Twilight loves to spend time with Flurryheart and dotes on her.
  • Spike: Although not related by blood, Spike and Twilight are practically family in the truest sense of the word. Twilight raised Spike only months after he was hatched and the two have lived together ever since. Twilight has always acted in a rather maternal role towards Spike, instelling good manners in the young dragon, but also treats him like an older sister would treat a younger brother—poorly that is. While she doesn't go out of her way to bully Spike, Twilight isn't above using him as a means to the end, though has since grown out of using him as she stayed in Ponyville. Regardless of the bad treatment, Spike loves Twilight and she loves him.

Twilight considers the Apple Family to be apart of her honorary family,[22] a view she shares with all of her closest friends. Twilight acts like a concerned and occasionally doting older sister to her friends, worried about their safety at the drop of a hat and always praises them when they do something worth praising. She acts this way especially towards her particularly young friends, like the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who she treats like little sisters, always caring for them, giving them advice, encouraging them and helping them with their issues. During the Ponyville Days debacle, she considered all of Ponyville to be like family to her,[23] and while the town was decided at first, much of its residents decided to help Twilight out with care and admiration for their princess.[24]

In many ways, Twilight seems to view Princess Celestia as a motherly figure, or at least a role-model.[16] When she was a filly, Twilight idolized Celestia above all else[5] and the alicorn seemed to take a special liking to Twilight as well, letting the filly sleep on her[16] and gave her special lessons. Over the years, the two grew very close and although Twilight still idolizes her, she's began to treat Celestia more like a dear friend or family member rather than a force of law or nature.


Education and teaching


the dormitory Twilight and Spike resided in.

Over the years, Twilight Sparkle lived in a total of five known residences. Her first home was the Sparkle residence, which was her family's home. She lived exclusively in this house until she was accepted into P.C.S.G.U., in which her life was then split between her family's house and her schools dormitories. Regardless, in both places, she lived with Spike. Her first home in Ponyville was Golden Oak Library, a humble library that she worked and lived in for some time, before the place was eventually destroyed by Tirek.


Twilight committing legal fraud...wait what?

Throughout the first years of her young-adult life, Twilight didn't have a proper job. Instead, she was a student at Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns. Since her arrival in Ponyville, Twilight has had a numerous amount of jobs, occupations and roles in community events.

  • Librarian: Twilight worked as a librarian at Golden Oak Library with Spike as her assistant. She would make her living at this job for a considerable amount of time and typically had a blast at doing it. Twilight would derive a simple pleasure the rudimentary task at the library, such as shelving books and recommending books for all the ponies who would attend.
  • Adventurer: Although not an actual job in the traditional sense, Twilight has had to take up the call to adventure on countless occasions, such as traveling to the Changeling Kingdom in order to safe the Cutie Mark Crusaders from the clutches of Queen Chrysalis,[25] or the time when she had to travel to the Moon in order to free Rarity from Nightmare.[26] Twilights adventures and exploits far outweigh even the most seasoned of royal guards, as she has had missions involving traveling to entirely different universes such as in "Reflections" and in "the 6th story arc". In addition, Twilight has been instrumental in saving both her world and the Reflections Reality from the evil Reflections Celestia and has saved Ponyville and all of Equestria countless times.
  • Marry Man: While in a Robin Hood-lie world, Twilight had to become a "Marry Man" and aid Pinkie Pie in saving "Raritunzel".
  • Explorer: While visiting the Daring Do reality, Twilight became an explorer on her way to save Daring Do.
  • Sailor: Twilight briefly became a sailor when visiting the reality of a unnamed Romance Novel.
  • Warrior: In "One Worm To Fool Them All", Twilight was ironically clad in viking-like warrior armor. She, with her party was tasked with traveling to "Mt. Worm", however at "Twenty-Five pages of nothing but walking later", Twilight ended up in a frozen tundra almost unable to continue. To make things more interesting, Pinkie Pie decided to create a horde of zombies to follow the group.
  • Pilot and Astronaut: Within the "Universal Rainboom" reality created by Rainbow Dash, Twilight became a blueshirt-wearing pilot of an unnamed Spaceship. When the spaceship came in contact with an organic, asteroid-like lifeform, Twilight suited up in astronaut gear to investigate what they came in contact with.
  • Criminal: While in Dial S for Sassy, Twilight took up the name "Tweezers". She was "da brains" of "the operation", a crime group she ran with "Pips" and "Bolts". According to Helga Bugart, Tweezers had "her sticky little hooves keeping track of every cherry in every pie from here to Horseshoe Bay". Like with Twilight, Tweezers was not only very punctual and organized but perspective.
  • Lawyer: Twilight briefly worked as a lawyer during The Good, The Bad, and The Ponies after she kidnapped another lawyer to take his place. While impersonating the lawyer, she attempted to trick the Cattle Rustin' Gang into signing a false deed.


Intellect and skills

Twilight playing the piano

Twilight had many skills across the board, but her most apparent trait was her intellect. Twilight had a mastery over a wide spread of academic concepts, from history, to engineering to various forms of sciences. In particular, Twilight had an affinity towards astronomy and loved to stargaze. Next to her intellectual abilities, Twilight was an incredibly talented musician, primarily a singer and worked as the lead singer for The Rainbooms. Twilight didn't display much talent with other musical instruments, but was a talented pianists.

As a byproduct of her intellect, Twilight was a natural born leader. Not only was she courageous and compassionate, but also was able to make tough decisions, organize creatures and know what was best for others.

Although Twilight's athletic abilities were often mocked by her friends, Twilight did display a number of abilities in this regard. Firstly, her flying skills, though not nearly as good as Dash's, was shown to be quite good by the time she got the hang of them, and was shown to be able to fly across Equestria in, at most, hours, going from Canterlot to Silver Shores in no time. However, her showings in other fields were lackluster. Her soccer game against Rainbow Dash was incredibly one-sided and she was among the last ponies to finish the Running of the Leaves, but she has shown great stamina and an unwillingness to give up during her attempts at these endeavors.

Magic and powers

Twilight was considered the greatest unicorn in Ponyville in terms of magical powers and was able to lift even an Ursa Minor with her abilities. Twilight's most often used ability was probably her teleportation spell, which allowed her and others to teleport a great distance, though the extent of said distance was never revealed. Aside from teleportation, Twilight tended to use forcefields to both protect and trap herself, her friends and her enemies. Although a pacifist by nature, Twilight still used offensive magic when necessary, such as when she used magical blasts to combat Tirek and other fiends.

Twilight in addition had spells that allowed her to enter books, create sound-proof silence, transmute living beings into objects and grow hair.

Behind the scenes

"Star Gazing Twilight", a sketch for the series' original "show bible", My Little Pony Adventures

Twilight Sparkle was an original character conveived by Lauren Faust for the 4th Generation of My Little Pony. In the TV series, 2017 film, all Equestria Girls productions and Pony Life, Twilight Sparkle has been voiced by Tara Strong, who has gone down as one of Strong's most famous and iconic voice roles, compared to her roles as Timmy Turner, Bubbles, Raven, and Harley Quinn. Strong didn't audition for Twilight Sparkle, and was instead approached by Faust as she was in the process of making a pitch for a new My Little Pony television show (back then titled My Little Pony Adventures. Strong portrayed Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and either Applejack to Rainbow Dash, but Faust decided she was perfect for Twilight.[27]

Strong has received and been nominated for a number of awards for her performance, such as the Best Vocal Ensemble in a Television Series – Children's/Educational and People's Choice: Best Vocal Ensemble in a Television Series – Children's/Educational awards from Behind the Voice Actors awards in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017.[28][29][30][31]

Though Strong has portrayed Twilight in the majority of My Little Pony productions, Kira Buckland, a famous anime voice actress, instead portrayed her in various software and applications.[32] In the Japanese TV show, Little Pony TV, Twilight was portrayed by Miyuki Sawashiro, a Japanese singer and member of Milky Holmes, who is also her first voice in the Japanese dub. In the short-lived stage production, My Little Pony Musical, the pony was played by Chloe MacGregor.[33] Sadly, most of Twilight's performers have been yet identified, such as her portrayer in live-action Equestria Girls music videos and her voice actress in Hello Pinkie Pie.

Princess or Queen?

The exact title Twilight Sparkle used post-second coronation has been a somewhat contested subject. In the mobile game by Gameloft, Twilight was referred to as the Queen of Equestria, however, the television show still referred to her as "Princess Twilight" in "The Last Problem". A possible solution to this continuity hiccup is that 'Princess Twilight' was still used in her early reign, whereas "Queen Twilight" was not used until far into the future.


Like with every character in the show, their is confusion regarding the actual age of Twilight, which fans generally assuming late teens to mid 20s as the general range. Using secondary canon sources such as the IDW Publishing comic books, a decent amount of chronology involving Twilight's age can be gleamed. Most notably, promotional material for My Little Pony: 20/20 described the story taking place twenty-years in the past, which took place during the Sonic Rainboom period, meaning the Sonic Rainboom that connected the Mane Six happened twenty years prior to the events of the comic, which were set sometime after My Little Pony: The Movie. Some fans however do not take this as canon as the actual contents of the book give vague descriptions of the chronology.

Twilight is around the same age as Lyra, as the two went to school together in the same classes, and Lyra has been shown to be old enough to join S.M.I.L.E.[34] and get married, implying they're all adults.


Twilight often contends with Pinkie Pie as being the face of the My Little Pony brand. Twilight has appeared on countless trading cards and has hundreds of unique toys modeled in her likeness and was among the first three toys in the Bishoujo toyline. As of 2020, Twilight remains much of the face as she appears front and center in the packaging for Reveal the Magic toys.

Twilight Twinkle

Twilight Twinke

As depicted in the bible, My Little Pony Adventures, Twilight was previously named "Twilight Twinkle". While her characterization was mostly the same, being described as clever, intelligent, somewhat insensitive and rude but kind-hearted, morally sound, brave with a strong sense of right and wrong, as well as both a natural leader and insecure, her history was slightly different. Being the Unicorn of Ponyville, a concept dropped in the final show, Twilight Twinkle was a courtly individual who would receive missions from Queen Celestia, an inverse of the concept in the show.

Twilight Twinkle was to have strong relationships with Cheerilee and Shaman (who later turned into Zecora). With Cheerilee, Twilght and her were to have a very close relationship, being both studious ponies with passions for lore and histories. This relationship was almost dropped entirely from the show, but the two nonetheless appear to be good friends. With Shaman, Twilight was to have a mentor-student relationship with her with Shaman being her mentor. This relationship was brought up to an extent in "Magic Duel" where Zecora mentored Twilight to defeat Trixie.

Though unclear, Twilight had some relationship to the city of "Canterbury".

Twilight presumably was set to appear in two unproduced episodes. "Fancy Meeting You Deer" and "Nothing More to Sea". In the former, she was to convince an adoptive pony boy who was adopted by Deer who were described like stereotypical North-Eastern Native Americans (presumably inspired by the Iroquois or Algonquian peoples) to come back to Fillydelphia and in the latter, she was to travel a city at the beach only to discover it was dry and quickly becoming a ghost town. Eventually, she was to confront the Kraken in the Sea Pony Kingdom.

In spin-offs

Twilight was the main character of the first Equestria Girls film, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and a major character in its sequel, Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. In the Japanese exclusive TV show, Little Pony TV, Twilight was one of the two main characters, the other being her co-host Mimorin as they discussed aspects of Equestria and taught the audience at home English.

Appearances in other Hasbro media

Twilight appeared as a minor throughout other pieces of Hasbro media. She was a major character in the comic "When Worlds Collide", where she helped Optimus Prime and the Autobots fight off Megatron and was set to appear in the canceled Transformers x My Little Pony. Twilight appeared in pieces of artwork throughout Synergy: A Hasbro Creators Showcase and was shown to interact with members of The Holograms. Additionally, merchandise depicting Twilight as Dungeons & Dragons has been released.


Voice actors

In comics


Twilight Sparkle by JustaSuta

Twilight Sparkle is a central character in many of the IDW storylines and one-shots. Her backstory was greatly expanded upon in the comics and Friendship is Magic #40 showcased her earliest days raising Spike, how she went from hating the dragon to loving him as family. The comics also implied that Twilight may be a more than just a pony, with iconography of her cutie mark being associated with ancient heroes such as Baast.

Twilight's characterization in the comics vary greatly from writer to writer. Earlier arcs tended to play up her sweet, kind but slightly mischievous side, while later arcs and one-shots played with her more zany and sometimes rude personality. Though still a generally heroic figure, Twilight has many downright villainous moments in the comics.


Twilight appears throughout the Egmont comics.

In manga

Pucchihumi manga

Twilight in the manga

Twilight is far more animated here than her animated counterpart, being prone to give off highly exaggerated expressions when good or bad things happen. Examples of this can be found when she forgot to raise up her hoof on time; a sin that she claimed she could not forgive herself for, and when she was given a cupcake by Pinkie Pie. Twilight is shown to have a somewhat sarcastic sense of humor, giving a sour expression when she found out that Rainbow Dash's and Discords duel was just a "silly face contest". She also has a fiery temper and disbanded her friendship with Applejack over a petty fight, though soon forgave her.

Twilight was extremely brave and loving, she obviously cared for her friends extremely deeply and did not hesitate to come to Dash's aid when she was losing in a fight against Discord. Her best friend is Spike, though she was disgusted at the prospect of marrying him. Her ideal husband was shown to be a silohette of her brother, which...lets just ignore that.

She was very compassionate to others and awoken her library so Mr. Titter Tree could find love.

Phase 6 manga

As very little information on the Phase 6 manga currently exists, much less in English, all that can be gleamed thus far is Twilight Sparkle appears within it.

Seven Seas manga

Twilight in this manga incarnation is a bit more zany than her cartoon counterpart, but not as much as her other manga counterpart. A brave and compassionate ruler, Twilight was a major character in the first first volume, but was far more minor of a character in its second volume.


Twilight-san was a student at Ponyville-cho High School.

In games

Gameloft game

After Nightmare Moon came returned, she destroyed Ponyville and so Twilight Sparkle and the player unite to attempt to rebuild the city and bring back harmony to Equestria. In doing this, they buy a Windmill and later welcomed Bon Bon to the town. As they progressed, Twilight was grateful she could take her mind off Nightmare Moon, at least for the time being.[35] Later, Twilight attempted to let Pinkie Pie know it was safe to return and so she threw a party with a Balloon Stand.[36]

Later, Twilight read Elements of Harmony: A Reference Guide and forgot to eat. Due to this, she got the player to pick some apples so they could feed themselves.[37]

Tails of Equestria

Twilight is a figure in a few RPG stories, such as Tails of Equestria: Curse of the Statuettes and Tails of Equestria: A Dragon's Bounty. In the former, she was turned into stone by Moonbeam - who the story tells is basically a stand in for Twilight - and in the later, she visited Vanhoover to stop Razer from destroying the city. She, of course, didn't do squat and instead three foals, Strong Oak, Thrilly Filly and Firebrand instead saved the day.

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