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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesCat lord
ResidenceCurrently unknown[1]
FamilyCapper (former friend)[1]
AffiliationVerka (formerly)[2]
Real world
"Storm King"

Chummer was an orphan from Panthera, the capital city of Abyssinia and former "friend" of Capper. Although he kept a largely harmless image, it was routinely hinted that Chummer had a dark and violent nature to him. Obsessed with weapons, status and wealth, Chummer wasn't above using and abandoning even his best friend to propel himself further in life; which ultimately costed him everything.


Chummer's adventures in Panthera

Chummer was an orphan[3] from Panthera.[4] Along with his best friend Capper and their fellows Admiral Fluffington, Max, Molly, and Shadow, Chummer ran about the streets and underground of Panthera, stealing to survive and amusing themselves by avoiding law enforcement. Despite these disreputable activities, however, the group never went beyond petty theft.[5]

When the Storm King began his conquest of Panthera, Chummer and Capper hid behind the Kibble Cart as they watched on. When they were spotted by a Storm Minion, they were attacked but managed to run away without getting hurt.[4] During the sacking of the city, Chummer managed to find an entrance on the Prism Wing in which he and Capper escaped into.[6]

Afterwards, Lix heard scratching underneath the ships deck, believing it was Rats. As it turned out, it was Chummer and Capper respectively. Chummer tried to start a fight with Celeano, but he was no match. Celeano took mercy on the two and offered them to become crewmembers of her ship, giving them food and letting them take a bath. Chummer's attitude towards her brightened after hearing this and gleefully joined her crew.[7] Before they could come antiquated with the crew, the Storm King attacked the pirate ship and effortlessly defeated the crew of the ship. In the chaos, Chummer and Capper managed to board the S.S. Minnow and escaped the firefight safely.[8]

The following day, Chummer crashed in the Bone Dry Desert, totaling his airship in the process. Pulling the Malachite and Thawb's from the wreckage, the duo trekked the mighty desert in searches for civilization. When all hoped seemed lost, they came across the mighty city of Klugetown. Although Chummer was initially put off by the city, he quickly made himself at home, robbing from shop keepers and discovering a house to live in. Life proved to be hard, but doable in Klugetown, with Capper and Chummer doing what they always did best; robbing others and getting away with it. Unbeknownst to them, they were being watched by Verko and his goons during their escapades. Before long, a group of Verko's goons forcefully kidnapped the duo and brought them to their leader.

Now at Verko's office, the mole-rat explained to them the importance of the Malachite they owned and offered to buy it from them. Instead of raw money, Chummer wanted an Airship, a cutlass and pirate treasure for the jewel. The following day, Verko managed to pull together everything the duo wanted, but Chummer cut off the deal and betrayed his best friend, instead stealing everything for himself and flying out of Klugetown, alone. Despite being furious at him, Verko seemed to not blame Capper for what went down, but bitterly claimed his friend ruined them both. Upon hearing this, Capper sadly admitted that Chummer was never his friend to begin with.

Soon afterwards, Chummer's ship would crash somewhere near Klugetown, burrying everything he stole in the sand. Chummer survived the crash, his paw prints remaining visible when Fizzlepop Berrytwist came across the wreck some time later.[9] Chummer was aided in recovering from the crash by Pepper and Salty, two Dogs, and their kindness wrought a great change in Chummer. Eventually, Chummer made his way back to Panthera and reunited with his old gang, with whom he formed the Abyssinian Underground.[10]

Since the Storm King’s invasion, Panthera’s King Meowmeow had become an oppressive dictator, shunning outsiders and imprisoning his own people. After Capper and Team Fluttershy arrived and were imprisoned, Chummer orchestrated their rescue and greeted Capper when he arrived at their hideout.[5] The two groups soon set out to unlock a mysterious door located in the sewers, hoping to find magic that would help them put a stop to Meowmeow’a tyranny. As they approached, Chummer caught Capper up on what had happened to him since they parted ways.

The group succeeds in getting the door open, only for Meowmeow to appear, having intended for them to help him break into the chamber all along. When Meowmeow prepares to destroy the Abyssinian Tree of Harmony within, Chummer joins his friends in fighting to stop him. After Meowmeow is defeated, Chummer and Cappwr reconcile, activating the Abyssinian Elements of Harmony in the process. Chummer is revealed as the embodiment of Loyalty, and he and his friends become the heroes of a Panthers now brimming with magic.[10]


Throughout their adventures together, Chummer was shown to be distinctly more violent than Capper. When they encountered the pirates, Capper was shown to be relaxed while Chummer tried to start a fight[11] and when they were telling Verka what they wanted, Chummer desired weapons while Capper desired clothing. Otherwise, Chummer's personality is hard to pin-point. While he does appear to be more violent than Capper, he does seem to be more willing to go-with-the-flow in certain situations, such as keeping a positive attitude while in the Bone Dry Desert and even seemed to enjoy the Klugetown lifestyle to an extent. Throughout his journey with Capper, Chummer constantly tried to reassure to Capper that they were good friends, however it was shown in the end that he desired his own freedom over his friendship with Capper. Despite this, he did still seem to care about Capper, but suffered from the fear that his friend would eventually leave him, and thus decided to leave him first.


Chummer is a lithe gray-furred cat with black stripes and a white underbelly, muzzle, and paws. He has blue eyes, though he lost the right one in the crash of the Minnow; he conceals this with an eye patch, with a vertical scar visible beneath it. Chummer also bears other scars of the incident, one on his left shoulder and another on his right waist. After returning to Abyssinia he took to wearing a short green jacket.


  • Thievery: Chummer was an agile, quick-on-his-feet and equally quick-witted cat capable of stealing objects in a flash.


  • S.S. Minnow: A skyship Chummer stole from Captain Celeano during their battle with the Storm Kingdom. Chummer eventually crashed the ship in the Bone Dry Desert, completely destroying it.
  • Thawb: A piece of clothing Chummer managed to grab in the wreckage of the Minnow. Used to help him bare the heat of the desert and Klugetown.
  • Misfortune Malachite: A mysterious gem that's started wars in the past and brings bad luck to whoever owns it. Most likely caused Chummer crash his next skyship.
  • Cutlass: A type of sword ascioated with pirates; got it from Verko.
  • Skyship: A run-of-the-mill skyship Chummer got from Verko. Like the Minnow, it soon crashed in a desert.

Behind the scenes

Chummer first appeared in the story "Storm King". Chummer bares the distinction of being among the only major characters in My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel who did not appear in the film, the others being Strife and the Abyssinian royal family.




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