A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 2 chapter 8

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Chapter 8
Friendship is Magic manga chapter

Chapter 8 is the eight chapter of My Little Pony: The Manga's second volume. The chapter stars Pinkie Pie as her time misadventures continue.


In Prance of Reality #1792, Pinkie Pie's execution by guillotine is halted by the arrival of a mustachioed "guillotine inspector" who proceeds to kick the device to pieces. Pinkie's rescuer then reveals herself as Star Dancer, who has used a pair of time anchor watches to follow Pinkie Pie and give them a means of returning to their proper place in time. Seeing no point in continued deception, Star Dancer admits that she is a time agent from the distant future; to her chagrin, Pinkie still thinks that she's a Space Pony. As Star Dancer attempts to give her one of the anchor watches, Pinkie questions her loyalty to Professor What, whom Star Dancer asserts wants the best for the Multiverse. Pinkie disappears back into the timestream before she can finish, and finds herself in Reality #1-her own timeline-in ancient Mesoponytamia.

Seeing an artisan at work on the Mesponytamian puzzle sphere, Pinkie realizes she must take action to insure that it will contain the warning that enabled her to elude capture by Professor What. Donning various pieces of costume and assuming a name based on various nearby objects, she inadvertently inspires the deity Pink'ty Vazbench mentioned previously. In this guise, she instructs the artisan to inscribe the message, despite his protests that he intended the sphere to serve as a repository for all his culture's scientific knowledge. Pinkie is then yanked back to Professor What's lair in the present, the professor and Dr. Hooves having constructed a machine that has brought them, Derpy (now sporting pirate attire) and Pinkie back to their point of origin.

Star Dancer, who has also returned, goes to check on the overloading Infinity Drive, just before it explodes, to the shock of various outside ponies. The professor's lair thus becomes visible to the outside world, and Pinkie Pie, acting on the doctor's instructions, searches for and finds a switch that will disable the Infinity Drive. The professor tries to persuade her not to do so, hoping that he can still salvage his plan to dominate the multiverse, and offers the one bribe that seems sure to move her: "a never-ending party". However, despite the allure of every party she's ever enjoyed being knit together in an endless loop, Pinkie Pie rejects his offer and throws the switch.

Pinkie Pie awakens in her own bed once again, but finds that time has return to normal when she tracks down Dr. Hooves and Derpy, who are just escorting Star Dancer into the M.U.F.F.I.N. to face justice. The pair explain that the professor has inexplicably vanished, and Pinkie Pie bids farewell to the Future Pony. Having delivered her to the time agents, the doctor and Derpy set off on their own adventure, unaware that the Professor has freed his misguided minion from custody. Back in Ponyville, the Mane Six are winding down on the day of the Great Cake Bake, but Pinkie Pie, exhausted from the many repetitions of the day before the festival, has fallen asleep with her head on a cake.



  • Pinkie's line of "Let them eat cake" is a quote famously misattributed to Marie-Antoinette; the alternate dimension in which she finds herself is clearly inspired by the French Revolution.
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