Diamond Tiara (Friendship is Magic)

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Diamond Tiara
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Earth Pony
FamilyRich family
Real world
VoiceChantal Strand
"Call of the Cutie"
"Cutie Mark Duexaders"

Diamond Tiara was an Earth Pony filly from Ponyville and the sole child of the Rich family. Along with her best friend, Silver Spoon, Tiara ruled the schoolyard of Ponyville Schoolhouse before she finally gave in and let her true nature shine, transforming herself into a caring, compassionate filly who would grow into a very important member of Ponyville society.



Tiara in the early days of the Era of Harmony

The sole child of Filthy Rich and Spoiled Rich, Tiara grew up spoiled, but also insecure of herself as she was the sole representative of her family. From an early age, she became friends with Silver Spoon the two ruled Ponyville Schoolhouse as a pair of bullies. At sometime before the formation of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the two received their Cutie Marks, with Tiara receiving hers later than Spoon.[1]

A little after Twilight moved into Ponyville, she hosted a cute-cenera to celebrate receiving her Cutie Mark, though her plan to rub it into the faces of other fillies were thwarted when ponies realized not having Cutie Marks was just as cool, if not cooler, as it meant they had infinite possibilities in their lives.[1]

Sometime later, Diamond Tiara was selected by Cheerilee to become the new editor and chief of the Foal Free Press, much to her fellow staff members annoyance. Claiming the paper was a joke, she reformed the paper into being a more serious venture, reporting juicy think-pieces rather than "Namby Pamby" stories. Flexing her regime, she aggressively vetoed simple, cute stories such as histories and interviews and instead pushed for gossip.[2]

About a year later, Babs Seed, the cousin of Apple Bloom came to Ponyville. Tiara and Silver Spoon managed to get the filly to ally herself with them rather than the Crusaders, as she was the bullied victim back in her hometown of Manehattan. After the Crusaders saved Babs', she broke off her friendship with Tiara an Silver Spoon, joining the Crusaders in their club.[3]





Behind the scenes


Tiara's voice is portrayed by Chantal Strand, a Canadian actress, singer and writer who is also known for dubbing various anime roles, such as appearing in Gundam. Due to her performance as the character, Strand has appeared at Brony conventions, such as Everfree Northwest.[4] In 2014, prior to the airing of "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", Strand noted on her Facebook that fans would likely be seeing a "new side" of Tiara, hinting at her redemption arc within the episode.[5]

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
English Chantal Strand
Dutch Christa Lips
French (Europe) Marielle Ostrowski (seasons 1-2), Tania Garbarski (season 3 onward)
German Jill Schulz
Jill Böttcher
Hungarian Ilona Molnár
Réka Simonyi
Borbála Csuha
Indonesian Clara Dewanti
Japanese Yumi Uchiyama
Rena Koba
Italian Deborah Morese
Martha Rossi
Khmer {{{kh}}}
Korean Bang Yeon-ji
Polish Monika Wierzbicka
Portuguese Portuguese (Brazil) Flora Paulita
Rita Almeida
Portuguese (Portugal) Sandra de Castro
Russian Larisa Brokhman
Elena Chebaturkina-Greb
Olga Shorokhova
Lina Ivanova
Slovak Zuzana Šebová
Spanish (Europe) Ana María Camps
Sofía García
Thai Sopicha Ounsamai
Ukrainian Natalya Roman'ko-Kysel'ova
Daryna Murashchenko


Storyline and arc

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