A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 1 chapter 2

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Chapter 2
Artist Shiel
Writer David Lumsdon

Chapter 2 is the second chapter of My Little Pony: The Manga and of first volume. The chapter stars Princess Celestia and Pinkie Pie having a tour across Ponyville, having a girls-night-out.


Twilight Sparkle casted a spell that backfired, turning her and Spike into stone. She was able to tell Pinkie Pie about it, but told her not to worry about her, since she wanted to make Princess Celestia, who was coming to town, proud of her by solving her own problem. Pinkie Pie told Twilight she was going to take Celestia on a tour around town, though Twilight tried to object. It was to late as Twilight was turned to stone.

At the Ponyville train station, Pinkie Pie bugged a bystander about all the things that could go wrong, but her meeting with Celestia went well. Pinkie Pie believed Celestia was being attacked by an invisible Banana Wizard though she managed to defeat the wizard, causing Celestia to say that Equestria owes her a great debt for her heroic deeds. Pinkie took Celestia to the stone statues of Twilight and Spike. Celestia offered to fix the two, but Pinkie relayed to them that Twilight didn't want the help. Instead, Pinkie Pie and Celestia decided to put a silly hat on Twilight. Celestia, getting serious for a moment, told Pinkie Pie that although it was all in the game of good fun that making fun of a pony is never nice and they should both write formal apologies...but not before putting a mustache on her face.

Afterwards, Pinkie introduced Celestia to her friends around town, such as Nurse Redheart, Davenport, Lyra Heartstrings and finally Star Dancer, the "alien" pony. Star Dancer told Pinkie Pie that she was not an alien and tried to convince Celestia otherwise. Although Celestia acted that she believed Star Dancer, Celestia made Star Dancer know very clearly that she was onto her.

The two started going on a girls-night out and went to Ponyville Theater to watch a killer clown flick. Watching it in 3D, Celestia got so scared by the clown that she ended up blowing a hole in the theater, later admitting that she couldn't believe the special effects were that good that it looked like a hole was blasted though the theater. Later, the two went to play at a Claw Machine at the arcade where Celestia tried to get a Luna plush toy. Though Pinkie Pie tried to brush it off, Celestia grew furious and told the machine that it had just made a powerful enemy and banished it to the moon.

After that, they went to the Ponyville Day Spa where Celestia got a manucure by Lotus Blossom and Pinkie got a massage by Aloe Vera. Celestia tried to tell the two that today, she was no longer their princess, but just another one of the girls, but Lotus accidently called her a queen, princess and a normal pony all at once. Her sister took her out to the other room where Lotus began to freak out that she may be banished to the moon, but her sister assured her that all would be well and that Celestia didn't banish people to the moon anymore.

Finally, the two went to Sugercube Corner where Celestia and Pinkie ate a ton of sweets, causing Celestia to get sick. They later returned to the train station where Twilight and Spike greeted the two. Spike tried to get Twilight to stop but Twilight refused to listen. At this point, Twilight realized she still had that mustache and everyone began to laugh at her.






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