A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 2 chapter 4

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Chapter 3

Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter of My Little Pony: The Manga's second volume. The chapter stars Pinkie Pie as she attempts to escape the time loop she's found herself caught in.


Believing that her presence in Ponyville might be responsible for the time loop, Pinkie Pie boards the Friendship Express and attempts to get as far away from Ponyville as possible in hopes of ending it. She realizes too late that, were her plan to succeed, she would be unable to return in time for the Great Cake Bake, but makes the best of her situation by spending time with her fellow passengers. However, upon falling asleep that night, she awakens to find herself once again back in her own bed in yet another repetition of the loop. Thus thwarted, she decides to seek advice from Mrs. Cake who, at the end of a number of suggestions, concludes that a broken mystical artifact may perhaps be to blame.

Acting on Mrs. Cake's advice, Pinkie decides to try and prevent the Mesoponytamian puzzle sphere Twilight has been studying from breaking as it has on every repeated day. However, after several days of failing to keep the artifact intact, Pinkie Pie discovers how to open it, and it proves to contain a message that can be viewed by shining candlelight on the orb. The message proves to be "Look out behind you, Pinkie", which baffles her and Twilight, though the princess deduces that the message may be referencing the Mesoponytamian sun goddess Pink'ty Vazbench. With the sphere appearing to have nothing to do with the time loop, Twilight suggest reaching out to Princess Celestia via a magical letter.

After learning that Celestia won't be able to arrive until the next day-by which point the time loop will have occurred again-Pinkie takes matters into her own hands and abducts Celestia to bring her to meet with her and Twilight. As it turns out, Pinkie has actually spent more than a month of repeated days attempting to capture the princess for this meeting. Celestia, who could have easily escaped had she wanted to, expresses no upset over the incident, believing that Pinkie Pie has brought her to town for a party. When Pinkie angrily insists that they have no time for a party, Celestia quickly realizes that something is amiss.

Pinkie Pie explains the time loop to Celestia and Twilight, who due to the loop has no memory of the times Pinkie Pie has gone over the matter with her before. The princesses go over possible causes, ruling out Discord among several other suggestions. Eventually, Celestia apparently narrows in on the cause, but just as she's about to explain it, the loop resets yet again.


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