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Granny Smith
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Earth pony
ResidenceSweet Apple Acres, Ponyville
FamilyApple family
Real world
"Friendship is Magic"

Granny Smith is the mother of Bright Mac and grandmother of Big McIntosh, Applejack and Apple Bloom.


Filly years

Granny Smith was born to Pa Smith and Ma Smith several years before Ponyville was founded. Granny was proud of her Pa, claiming he was the greatest seed collector in all of the lands. Granny didn't talk to much about her Ma, but she seemed to be a skilled farmer as well. The Smith family were wanderers with no permanent residence. They eventually found themselves in Canterlot, a place Granny said she'd never seen anything like before, or sense. In awe of the land, Granny eventually met Princess Celestia herself. In awe of her marvelous and regal presence, the Smith family struck a conversation with the princess. When she learned of the Smith's plight, she showed them a section of land where they could settle down and call home.[1]


Founding of Ponyville

Traveling to the land picked out by Celestia, the Smith family erected a humble homestead near the Everfree Forest. Life wasn't easy, as food was had to come by, but the family made do. One day, Granny Smith traveled into the forest alone at night and came across the beautiful Zap Apples. As she began to pick the apples, she was targeted by the Timberwolves, who chased her down. Granny eventually managed to escape the wolves and scare them away by banging pots and pans. Regardless, she was still scared by the wolves, as they howled on nights of the full moon. In order to create the best apples ever, Granny took many steps. She befriended the bee's by giving them flowers and painted her kitchen in polkadots. Eventually when her family sold the Zap Apple Jam, it became so popular that ponies throughout the land came to her homestead to try it. Eventually, this caused a modest salespony named Stinkin Rich to set up a shop originally selling apple products. With his shop and the Smith's foods, Ponyville became a small town over the course of a few years.[1]

Taming the Timberwolves

While on the search for Zap Apples, Granny came across a timberwolf paralyzed due to the zap apples. Taking pity on the poor creature, Granny gave it her cap in order to ward away the paralyzation and nursed it back to health. Ever since then, the Timberwolves respected and admired Granny Smith for her kindness and bravery.[2]

The Pear feud


Lost generation

Sadly, the fate of Bright Mac and Pear Butter was left unknown but it was implied to be a tragic one. The legacy the two lovers left in Ponyville was one of love and sadness as all of their old friends solemnly remembered the days they spent together. In the wae of the tragedy, Granny Smith stepped up as a motherly figure towards their three children.

Appearance and outfits


Granny Smith has a complicated personality. Even in her old age, she remains fiery, independent, a little abrasive and athletic, always trying to be active and rarely stood in the same place for to long. As an aged mare, Granny Smith is filled with wisdom and knowledge over the history of Ponyville, but rarely has the stamina to pass it on to others. Much like her grandchildren, Granny is stubborn to a fault, a trait that has unfortunately caused deep suffering in the past. Her stubborn feud with the Pear family and unwillingness to try and compromise ended up tearing the Pear family apart, a wound that never healed. After the estrangement in the Pear family, Granny did feel bad for what she did and acted as a maternal figure towards the hurt Pear Butter.

Granny has an appreciation for all living things. She helped heal a paralyzed Timberwolf and became friends with bees. She's ultimately a friendly and caring mare, who became an honorary member of the Pie family.



  • Longevity: Granny Smith is a fairly long-lived pony, having been a child when Ponyville was first founded.


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