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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesDog  • Diamond Dog
Real world
"A Dog and Pony Show"

Rover is a Diamond Dog and member of the Curs, a group of banished Dogs from the land of Diamondia.


Prior to taking up residence in a cave near Ponyville, Rover lived in the kingdom of Diamondia, a land of Diamond Dogs near the Green Mountains and Tooma Forest, not to far away from Ponyville. It's unclear why exactly he was kicked out, but it was implied that he was considered to be a criminal of sorts in Diamondia. Whatever the case may be, he eventually lived in a cave with Fido and Spot, who he associated himself with the most. At some point in the Era of Harmony, he "hunted" Rarity and began to use her as a diviner to search for more gems. However, Rarity used her natural skillset, that of being extremely whiny, to annoy the Dogs into letting her go.

Afterwards, Rover may have been written about in the book, Villains, Monsters Ne'er-do-wells, as Twilight imagined him while reading through the novel.

Behind the scenes

Voice actors

Language Actor Note
English Scott McNeil Same voice actor as Flam and Chief Thunder Hooves
Japanese Kentaro Ito Only known credit is Rover
Polish Janusz Wituch Same voice actor as Sheriff Silverstar, Grampa Gruff, Steven Magnet, Fancy Pants and Rover


Rover has appeared in the following realities:


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