A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 2 chapter 7

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Chapter 7
Friendship is Magic manga chapter

Chapter 7 is the seventh chapter of My Little Pony: The Manga's second volume. The chapter stars Pinkie Pie as she finds herself caught up in a conflict between time travelers.


A flashback reveals that the alternate Dr. Hooves and Derpy were sent to Ponyville by a mysterious High Council in search of Professor What. After leaving their vehicle, which is soon discovered by the local Derpy, the pair went looking for the professor only for the doctor to end up buried under a pile of apples, as Pinkie Pie witnessed on the first day before the time loop started. The pair eventually stumbled upon the professor's lair, and his plans for an Infinity Drive, a machine that-powered by a highly energetic day stuck on a time loop-would give him virtually limitless power. Unfortunately, the pair were then caught in a snare after Derpy pounced on a platter of time muffins from Canterlot Prime.

Having explained this to Pinkie Pie, the doctor concludes with the revelation that he used his pocketwatch to cause the Infinity Drive to put the day before the Great Cake Bake into a loop, thus leaving the Professor with a much less exciting day to exploit as a power source and delaying his plans. Having been unaware of Pinkie Pie's exemption from the loop, the Professor prepares to put her back into it and thus set his plans back on track, only for Pinkie to flee. She attempts to sabotage the Infinity Drive and get things back to normal, and soon finds herself viewing clips of the various looped days. One clip proves to be of Twilight repeating the "Look out behind you, Pinkie" warning from the Mesoponytamian puzzle sphere, and Pinkie follows the advice just as Professor What attempts to fire some kind of energized net at her.

Pinkie evades the net, which instead strikes the controls for the Infinity Drive. She, the Professor, the doctor, and Derpy then vanish as the machine overloads, leaving behind a baffled Star Dancer. The four end up in a time vortex, and Dr. Hooves implements a long-prepared contingency plan: shackling himself to the professor so that his adversary will be forced to work with him to find a solution. Unfortunately, Pinkie disappears before she can grab onto Derpy for safety, and emerges in Reality #1792.

Upon overhearing an alternate Twilight tell an alternate Celestia that her subjects have no bread to eat, Pinkie makes a suggestion that prompts the populace to haul her to a nearby guillotine. Meanwhile, the professor and doctor find themselves in Reality #9; more specifically, in a bowl of carrot soup that Fluttershy 9 is about to spoon feed to a sickly Angel Bunny 9. Derpy finds herself in Reality #218, inside a snowglobe of Cranky Doodle Donkey 218's that is being shaken by Pinkie Pie 218. Back in Reality #1792, Pinkie Pie is about to be beheaded, but much to the consternation of the guillotine operator keeps pulling her head back with unbelievable speed to avoid the execution.


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  • Pinkie's line of "Let them eat cake" is a quote famously misattributed to Marie-Antoinette; the alternate dimension in which she finds herself is clearly inspired by the French Revolution.
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