Mayor Mare

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Mayor Mare
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Earth Pony
ResidencePonyville, Equestria
Official Residence (gameloft)
FamilyCheerilee (good friend)
Real world
"Friendship is Magic - Part 1"

Mayor Mare is the current mayor of Ponyville, though temporarily lost her position to Filthy Rich. Although she appears elderly, she's actually much younger than she looks and uses mane coloring to make herself appear older. She's well-meaning and bombastic, but a tad overbearing and safe, often performing actions that people of the town may dislike, but eventually learn is for the best.


Early life, education and career

It's unclear where Mayor Mare was born, but she attended high school at Canterlot Academy. There, she befriended Cheerilee. The two took a career test and scoffed at the results they got, Mayor Mare couldn't believe she'd ever be a mayor.[1] A few years later, Mayor Mare grew a passionate love for politics and ran for mayor of Ponyville, but lost. Although depressed, she decided to learn from her mistakes and realized she was far to much interested in the idea of becoming a mayor that she did not think about the actions of a mayor. In the following years, she got involved with the Ponyville community and showed how selfless she can be. With this new, more heartfelt approach, Mayor Mare was finally elected into being the mayor of the village.

At some time later, she officiated at the wedding of Pear Butter and Bright Mac.

Later, she started to color her mane and tail a gray color, to make herself look older than she actually was.

Since Mayor Mare is the only qualified politician in Ponyville, nopony has really ran against her, maing all of her elections unanimous by default.

Mare of the Moon

At the Ponyville Summer Sun Celebration, Mayor Mare attempted to welcome Princess Celestia and the sun, but when Celestia didn't show up, she grew worried. When Nightmare Moon arrived, Mayor Mare tried to order guards to seize her, but nothing came from it.


Mayor Mare is an energetic and jolly Pony whose extremely passionate about her job. She's selfless as can be, always putting the needs of the town before her own, but sometimes puts the town before her citizens. Due to this, she can come off as money-hungry and overbearing, but actually cares deeply for the town and everypony within it. Although she loves being the mayor, she has grown tired of it and retired once, but when the new mayor, Filthy Rich, did an awful job, she took her job back.

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