Captain Celaeno

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Captain Celaeno
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesOrnithian  • Parrot
ResidencePrism Wing
Real world
VoiceZoe Saldana
"Captain Celaeno"
Beyond Equestria: Rainbow Dash Rights the Ship

Captain Celaeno was the captain of the Prism Wing and a long-time pirate and treasure hunter. Though she had a good heart and was not as thuggish as some of her contemporaries, Celeano was an unabashed thief in her prime. However, she was forced to become a docile delivery person after she was captured by the Storm King in the Era of Twilight. Through the aid of the Mane Six, she returned to her pirate roots, eventually discovering her place as bearer of one of Ornithia's Elements of Harmony; specifically, Perseverance.


Early life

Captain Celaeno was born in Ornithia,[1] where her parents worked in the royal castle. Celaeno was thus acquainted with members of the royal family, and was close friends with Prince Aello and Princess Ocypete. Celaeno and Ocypete were particularly close, and dreamed of going away to explore the world together. Unfortunately, when Celaeno shared this aspiration with Ocypete's father King Thaumus, he forced her to leave the kingdom alone without even the chance to tell Ocypete.[2]

Behind the scenes

Celaeno is named for one of the harpies in Greek mythology.



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