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Grubber was one of the Storm King's underlings.


Whatever his origins, Grubber eventually ended up as a lowly member of the Storm Army who longed to be seen as fearsome and intimidating, but failed due to his small size.[1] In spite of this, he somehow ended up serving aboard the Storm King's flagship during the Siege of Panthera. After Strife betrayed their mutual leader and fled with Captain Celaeno's crew, the Storm King singled out Grubber to serve as his new lieutenant. However, this was due to him believing-accurately-that the much smaller Grubber wouldn't have the nerve to ever turn against him.[2]

Grubber later attempted to recover the Misfortune Malachite for the Storm King, only for the Unicorn Fizzlepop Berrytwist to steal it and escape.[3] He later encountered her again in Bleak Valley, and surprises her by finding her uncontrollable magic impressive, rather than terrifying. Grubber and Tempest are later sent to infiltrate Mount Aris and steal the Pearl of Transformation, but are caught and fail in their mission.[4] Overawed by Tempest, Grubber tried to win her over and earn a role as her evil sidekick, but managed mainly to annoy her with his antics.[5]

When the Storm Creatures invaded Canterlot, Grubber was the first to descend from an airship, bearing with him a microphone that he used to introduce Tempest Shadow. On her orders, he later led several Storm Creatures in an attempt to capture the Mane Six-or more specifically, Twilight Sparkle-only for them to escape due to a collapsing bridge. He subsequently reported his failure to the commander, and was zapped for his failure. She then instructed Grubber to ready her airship to pursue the escaped ponies. Grubber accompanied Tempest as she followed the ponies to Klugetown, where he watched as she beat up one of the locals.

They soon located the ponies at Capper's home, only for them to escape; Tempest and Grubber promptly brought the cat lord along to help them track down the fugitives. Grubber was the first to spot Rainbow Dash's ill-timed sonic rainboom, and later boarded the Prism Wing with Tempest and her guards. He watched the confrontation between Tempest and Captain Celaeno's crew, and then discovered a cupcake left behind by Pinkie Pie when the ponies escaped yet again. Eventually, Twilight Sparkle was captured, and Grubber returned to Canterlot with his superior.

When the Storm King appeared, Grubber was quick to assure him of Tempest's loyalty, though he soon absented himself from the throne room of Canterlot Castle. He later spotted a cake being brought into the city and sampled it, only to discover Celaeno's crew hiding inside. He was later seen celebrating the downfall of the Storm King and the apparent peace between his former subjects and enemies.[6] According to one source, he met and befriended Spike the Dragon at this point in time.[7] A repentant Tempest later approached Grubber and convinced him that he always failed at being bad because he was meant to be good.

Having finally found a place-and a friend in Tempest-Grubber eventually joined her in setting off for parts unknown.[8] Before or after this occurred, Tempest briefly mentioned Grubber in a conversation with the Mane Six, noting that he was the only one of her former comrades she missed the company of.[9]


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