A Day in the Life of Equestria volume 3 chapter 1

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Chapter 1
Friendship is Magic manga chapter


March 16, 2021





David Lumsdon

Chapter 1 is the first chapter of My Little Pony: The Manga's third volume.


Fluttershy hosts a party for Discord and her assorted animal friends, with a scavenger hunt as the main activity. Unfortunately, Discord, in a heavy-handed display of boredom, teleports the items on the list-and possibly a few others from alternate universes-from their hiding places and then leaves to help himself to some cake. The rest of the Mane Six take him to task, but he is unmoved by their reprimands. When Rainbow Dash claims that Discord couldn’t do a better job organizing a scavenger hunt, Discord becomes determined to prove her wrong.

“Several moons later”, and after the events of the Apocalypse, Discord interrupts the Mane Six-minus Twilight Sparkle-and Spike at the Ponyville Theater. He announces that he has at last prepared his scavenger hunt, though the ponies quickly point out that he was challenged to do so quite some time ago. Discord explains that he had to find objects worthy of the hunt, and proudly displays the Elements of Harmony. The others are baffled, as the relics were destroyed, but Discord explains that he borrowed them from the past.

When asked, Discord reveals that he took the Elements from the very moment the Mane Six were about to use them against Nightmare Moon. He then uses his magic to hide them in separate dimensions of the Ponyverse, from which they can only be recovered by one of the six touching them. When Fluttershy expresses worry over possible damage to history, Discord attempts to reassure her...even as Ponyville becomes a dark dystopia terrorized by unreformed Changelings and corrupt royal guards. The ponies and Spike question how they remained unaffected, and Discord theorizes that his Chaos Magic may have protected them, though they may eventually cease to exist as the new timeline exerts itself.

In evidence of Discord’s worries, the six friends find themselves aged back into younger versions of themselves, though Spike retains his wings. Rarity demands that Discord bring back the Elements so that they can set things right, but Discord is unable to revoke his own spell of scattering. Discord tries to move the hunt along, but is reminded that Twilight will be needed to recover her element. Contrary to Discord’s flippant predictions, Twilight is a slave in Canterlot, having been caught up in the altered timeline and never having become an Alicorn.

After her grueling workday, Twilight speaks to a stone mock-up of Spike, lamenting the world in which Empress Nightmare Moon defeated Princess Celestia, banished her to the Sun, and then somehow banished the Sun to the Moon. As she bemoans the potential friends she led to defeat, Discord suddenly breaks into her cell with them and Spike. Twilight rejoices at the sight of them, though she can’t remember any of their names properly. Discord them offers to help her recover the Elements, and Twilight, not recognizing him at all, expresses gratitude for his apparent helpfulness, to the chagrin of the others.

Twilight goes on to explain the history of her world, which include an alliance between Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis. Discord then prepares to send the Mane Six across the Ponyverse in search of their respective elements. He chooses to remain in their world and await their return, but promptly ditches Spike, leaving him to be incarcerated by several of Nightmare Moon's Bat Pony guards.









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