Fido (Friendship is Magic)

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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesDiamond Dog
ResidenceRover's cave
Real world
"A Dog and Pony Show"

Fido is a male Diamond Dog and member of the Curs.


Fido is apart of the "Curs", a group of banished Diamond Dogs from the kingdom of Diamondia, a land beyond the Tooma Forest and Green Mountains. He was apparently banished for being unwieldy and brutish, meaning he may have been a "Mad Dog". Whatever the case, he, Rover and Spot set up residence in a cave near Ponyville in the pony kingdom of Equestria. There, he would eventually kidnap Rarity and use her as a diviner but her constant nagging and whining made him give her up. Eventually, she was "rescued" by Spike and the rest of their friends. Fido and his friends continued to live in the cave system.

His exploits may have been written in the book, Villains, Monsters and Ne'er-Do-Wells, as Twilight imagined him as she read it.


Fido appears in the following alternate realities:


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