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The Sparkle family is a small family from Canterlot. Originally a normal family, the Sparkle's would become one of the most successful families in Equestria when their son married into royalty and their daughter became royalty.


The ancestry of the family has never really been given much detail. At some point in the Era of Princess Celestia, Night Light and Twilight Velvet got married and later gave birth to Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle. During a Fall Formal event at Canterlot Academy, Shining Armor finally worked up the courage to ask out Cadance[1] and the two got married several years later.[2] Roughly around this time, the Sonic Rainboom happened, causing Twilight to hatch Spike and join Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns.[3] After a few months of raising the dragon, the young Twilight Sparkle eventually accepted the dragon as family, and it appeared that her parents did to, taking Spike on vacations with them.[4]

After Twilight Sparkle was coronated, she officially became the Princess of Friendship, causing the second child in the family to become royalty.

Years later, Princess Cadance got pregnant[5] and later gave birth to Flurry Heart, causing the family to grow once again.[6]

Though the reception by the parents has been unclear, Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle later official recognized Spike as their little brother.[7]

Possible romantic partners

Twilight Sparkle expressed romantic feelings for Flash Sentry...both of them, though mostly for the former. After the Changeling invasion of Canterlot, she thought about marrying another pony and used a magic mirror to see who she would marry only to see...Spike...though the mirror frame was missing the actual mirror.

Spike seemed to have romantic feelings for Rarity[8] and Gabby.[9] In the Equestria Girls timeline, Spike had a crush on Princess.

Spike's family

Being the adoptive member of the family he is, Spike never knew his birth parents and so the nature of his family has always been alluded to. His mother was sad to have been attacked by the Scale Collectors by Sludge, who pretended to be Spike's father, but this was a complete lie

Family tree

Template:Sparkle family tree Due to how everything in this franchise revolves around Twilight Sparkle in some way many figures of the family being key to Equestria, many other distant relatives have popped up over time.


As the children all moved out, only Night Light and Twilight Velvet still live in the Sparkle residence.

In other timelines

In the Equestria Girls timeline, Twilight Sparkle lives with her pet dog Spike in a large house, though her parents likely live with her, they have never been mentioned or shown. It's also unclear if Shining Armor or Principal Cadance lives with them too.


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