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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Earth Pony
Real world
"Applebuck Season"

Rose is a citizen of Ponyville, Equestria. She's an Earth Pony Mare and owner of a flower shop in Ponyville. She's great friends with Daisy and Lily and also good friends with Pinkie Pie and Cranky Doodle Donkey.


Era of Harmony

Rose reacting to the Titter Tree

During the great Rabbit stampede of Ponyville, Rose, along with her good friends Daisy and Lily nearly fainted at the horrific sight. They weakly tended to their Flower gardens, only to see pride and joy flowers to be devoured or stomped on by them!.[1] During the infamous day in which Zecora visited Ponyville, Rose and her friends, Daisy and Lily began to panic as the Mane Six and Zecora traveled bac in town, the former were still infected by the Poisonous joke. Horrified, Rose ran back into her shop for safety.[2] When Apple Bloom was infected with the Cutie Pox, Rose, Lily and Daisy were frightened, saying she was cursed, hexed and/or enchanted. When Spike told them they were wrong, they were relieved, but when he told them that she had the Cutie Pox, they became even more scared than ever.[3]

When the Apple family began to sell Apple Cider, Rose waited in line with Rose Pinch and Sweetie Drops.[4] On the day of Cranky Doodle Donkey's arrival, Rose and Pinkie had a brief, but amiable conversation.[5] When Iron Will came to Ponyville, Rose attended his self-help seminar. She made way to reveal Fluttershy to Iron Will.[6] As the Titter Tree began to move about Ponyville, Rose was among the ponies to react to it and freak out.[7]

Dream history

  • When Apple Bloom thought of what Ponyville would be like if Big McIntosh and Cheerilee were to busy loving each other than do their work, she imagined the town to be in utter chaos. In the chaos, Rose and Berryshine were seen on the top of a roof together screaming as Ponyville fell into ruins.[8]

Personal life

Rose is close personal friends with Daisy and Lily and the three run a flower shop on market street. She's not a great businesspony, but her goods and work ethic is top notch, securing her a huge customer base.[9] During Hearths Warming season, they instead work at a gift wrapping shop with Dr. Hooves[10] She's great friends with Rarity and seems to know Dr. Hooves, since they work together.[10]


Rose is friendly, cheerful, sweet and kind. Like most ponies of Ponyville, she is however quite cowardly and emotional. Rose seems particularly quick to scare as she faints at the sight of incoming terror and could barely speak in the presence of a walking, talking tree. Rose cares deeply for her flowers and can't stand to see flowers mistreated. However, given her passive nature, she doesn't seem to take action when flowers are being harmed, instead she quivers. She's shown an angrier side of her personality from time to time, such as yelling at Dr. Hooves for slouching on the job.[10]

Behind the scenes

Rose first appeared in Applebuck Season as early as season 1, but she wouldn't have a speaking role until The Cutie Pox in season 2, though has spoken in the manga story The Titter Tree. Although Rose has been one of the less appearing background characters, Rose has still found herself used in several pieces of spin-off material. She's one of the very few background ponies to appear in the manga series, much less one of the few characters to actually speak in the series, even if her dialogue was purely reactionary. Rose has become somewhat popular in the fandom, likely due to having developed relationships with others and for her sweet and kind, yet gossiping and cowardly personality. One of the things that makes Rose unique is the fact that unlike several other background characters, Rose doesn't appear much in crowd shots, and is either the focus or shares focus of most shots featuring her.


In Slice of Life and It Isn't the Mane Thing About You, Rose's voice was portrayed by Kazumi Evans, who also does the voices of Moon Dancer and Octavia Melody, as well as a few singing roles. In the German dub, Rose was voiced by Anna Dramski.

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