Queen Novo

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Queen Novo
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SpeciesHippogriff  • Seapony
FamilyHippogriff royal family
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My Little Pony: The Movie
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Queen Novo was the queen of Aris and Seaquestria and mother of Princess Skystar.


Galactic invasion

An immortal, Novo appeared to be around the same age as Princess Celestia, Luna, King Aspen and the king and queen of Abyssinia. She was active during the first invasion by the galactic entity known as Cosmos and was among the magical forces to rebel the foul creature. Upon sealing Cosmos, Novo was put to sleep by Discord and rested near the other heroic monarchs.[1]

Storm wars

Much like her subjects, Novo was a Hippogriff who lived upon Mount Aris before the Storm Wars. During the battles, her kingdom was left in absolute ruins and her people fled into the sea, forming the kingdom of Seaquestria in the process. Using the power of the Pearl of Transformation, Novo was able to turn her people into Seaponies, allowing them to breath and move around underwater. Because of these wars, the once accommodating and friendly Hippogriffs became a jaded and isolated society. Though not inherently cruel herself, Novo did embody this shift in its entirely and shunned outsiders.

When she was greeted by the Mane Six and Spike, she was at first skeptical but lowered her guard and accepted them and wished to aid them after they saw how caring, compassionate and kind they were, but these good-vibes were undone the instance she saw Twilight Sparkle taking the Pearl without her permission. Novo banished the ponies and their dragon outside of Aris, forcing them to wash up on the Basalt Beach. She later came to Canterlot to collect her errant daughter, and exchanged greetings with Princess Celestia. After the Storm Kings defeat, Novo loosened her attitude and her people gradually turned back to the peaceful and accommodating ways of their forefathers.

Later life

Despite the set back, Novo and Twilight Sparkle would become good friends after the wars. When Novo first saw Twilight at the Convocation of the Creatures, the two had a heartfelt reunion. At the event, Novo would treat most other leaders she interacted with with warmth and kindness.

At an invitation from Princess Celestia, Novo allowed her niece Silverstream to enroll as Twilight's School of Friendship in Ponyville. Her naval general Seaspray escorted her niece, and later represented Novo in the crisis caused by the disappearance of Silverstream and several other non-pony students. With the Storm King defeated, Novo expanded one of her people's old holidays into the Three Days of Freedom Celebration, and made efforts to publicize it for purposes of tourism. On the final day of celebrations, she would give out presents to her subjects and guests.

Novo was later present in Seaquestria when Silverstream called upon her people to help the Ponies against Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow. She did not take part in the final battle herself, but a force of Hippogriffs did join the fight, presumably at her bidding or with her leave.


Novo was a relaxed individual with a love for the "finer things" in life. In spite of her jaded view on outsiders, she was a great queen who obviously held the safety of her people in high regard. As a mother, she was loving, but also dismissive of her daughter and highly overprotective of her, causing her daughter to become friends with inanimate objects ("Shelly" and "Sheldon"). After the wars, Novo did become an overall better person, treating others with much more kindness and friendliness.

Novo had several friends in Seaquestria, such as Jamal, Haven Bay and Salina Blue. As she was friends with various fish, sharks and octopi, it can be inferred that the transfer from Aris to Seaquestria was a peaceful one.


In other media


In the chapter book Beyond Equestria: Fluttershy Balances the Scales, Queen Novo greats Fluttershy upon her arrival in Seaquestria.



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