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Sweetie Belle
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Unicorn
EducationPonyville Schoolhouse
FamilyBelle family
AffiliationCutie Mark Crusaders
Real world
VoiceClaire Corlett
Brittany Lauda
"Friendship is Magic"
"The Last Problem"

Sweetie Belle is a young filly from Ponyville, Equestria. The youngest member of the Belle household, Sweetie Belle was born in the late Era of Princess Celestia to Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles, making her the younger sister of Rarity. In the early days of the Era of Harmony, Sweetie Belle became a founding member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and during the Era of Twilight, she gained her Cutie Mark and strove to help other colts do the same.


Early life

As graceful as always.

Sweetie was the second, and youngest, of the Belle sisters, and as such, grew up in the Belle residence with her sister and parents, Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles. Though her sister moved out and set up a business and life at Carousel Boutique, Sweetie remained living with her parents for several more years.

On her 5th birthday, Sweetie Belle learned a lesson that would haunt her for the next several years of her life - to never try to shine around Rarity, or else she would get hurt in the process. Though she loved her sister, this, their naturally different personalities and Sweetie's generally unintelligent and unskilled nature caused the two to gain a mildly strained relationship.

Forming the Crusaders

Sweetie's first known interaction with the Crusaders was during Luna's return when she huddled with the three during Nightmare Moon's appearance at Ponyville Town Hall.[1] However, her first true interaction was at Diamond Tiara's cute-cenera when the three bonded over their lack of cutie marks.[2]

Early adventures

In the Everfree Forest

After forming their Crusader club, Sweetie had many adventures with her friends. To celebrate their formation, Sweetie Belle created a cape for the three to wear during their adventures. Perhaps her first quest was when the trio traveled into the Everfree Forest in order to find Elizabeak, one of Fluttershy's chickens, after it got free as the pegasus was babysitting for the three foals.[3]

During this time, the Cutie Mark Crusaders clubhouse was constructed by Applejack, which served as their base of operations for the years to come. During the day of its construction, Sweetie and her friends embarked on their second known quest to get their cutie marks by joining a talent show for their school, though lost the contest.[4] Much of Sweetie's later endeavors were not in attempts to gain her cutie mark, but her having fun with her friends or being inspired.[5] Indeed, Sweetie's first known, post-CMC formation solo adventure was simply trying to reconcile and cure her strained relationship with her older sister.[6]

However, Sweetie Belle's pursuits to get her cutie mark woud only escalate, not deescalate, from here. She joined the Foal Free Press, a school-based newspaper becoming a reporter who went under the name "Gabby Gums" along with her friends. The girls', though initially reporting in public events, quickly devolved into reporting private gossips and dramas, hurting much of the ponies she loved, causing them to retire from the business shortly.[7]

Though her exploits were largely unknown on this day, Sweetie Belle traveled to Canterlot to attend the Canterlot Wedding, where she had a dance with Spike.[8]

Much as Sweetie's first foray proved to be life-threatening, her next attempt at gaining a cuti emark proved to be far more dangerous - for her and the whole of Equestria, even though it started innocently enough. Trying to gain their cutiemarks in animal-related care, the girls were quickly attacked by an army of Changelings who kidnapped the girls and imprisoned within the dark halls of the Changeling Kingdom, specifically in the room of Queen Chrysalis, who constantly threatened the girls and even killed a Kitten Bunny in front of them. Within three days however, the girls were rescued by the Mane Six and brought back home.[9]

As with the rest of her town, Sweetie Belle was forced to fight in the Invasion of Ponyville.[10]

Not to long after, Sweetie would meet Apple Bloom's cousin, Babs Seed, who despite being friendly at first, quickly affiliated herself with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon and bullied the Crusaders. After an attempt at revenge failed, Sweetie Belle ended up rescuing Babs, befriending her and celebrating her membership into the group in the process.[11]

Sweetie, like with most foals, had an acute interest in the Crystal Empire, and traveled to the city-state with Spike when the girls helped him in taking care of the pets of the Mane Six.[12]


Sweetie Belle was typically defined by her girlish, immature, alacrity, sweet, kind, optimistic, emotional and clumsy personality. She would often come off as dumb or sluggish, but always made an effort to come off as smart. Out of the Crusaders, Sweetie Belle was the most gentle and most feminine, which contrastsed with Apple Bloom's rustic nature and Scootaloo's tomboyish personality. In spite her gentle nature, like her sister Rarity, she appeared to be very quick to anger, often getting upset when things don't go her way or negatively affects those she cares about.[13]

Like her friends, Sweetie Belle was incredibly selfless, going far out of her way to help even total strangers out with their problems.[14][15] Sweetie was shown to be incredibly brave, wiith an innocent view n the most dangerous of scenarios.[16]

In contrast to Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle enjoyed a more peaceful life, with some of her favorite activities being to frolic in meadows and watch the sky.[15]

Personal life

Residence and family life

Sweetie Belle's house

Sweetie Belle lives at a house by Tranquility Lake in Ponyville. Like Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle doesn't appear to live in the "main" portions of Ponyville, but on the outskirts. Given her large house and pristine, lakefront property, it's very possible Sweetie Belle comes from a wealthy family. She sometimes goes to stay with her sister, Rarity at Carousel Boutique, to the point where Sweetie Belle has been shown to have her own room there.[citation needed] She's very close with her sister, though the two have had a rocky relationship with many fights and bad moments together. Nonetheless, they love each other dearly.

Sweetie Belle appears to have a good relationship with her parents as well. Her mother, Cookie Crumbles, taught her how to cook and seemed very esteemed about her daughter and her skills.[17] Her relationship with her father hasn't been seen much, but also appears to be very loving and caring.

Friends and social life

Sweetie Belle's closest and most apparent friendships are with Scootaloo and Apple Bloom who she does pretty much everything with. However, she has had many friendships over the years, which is no surprise giving her caring and friendly personality. During the incident where Scootaloo's parents, Mane Allgood and Snap Shutter tried to make her move to Shire Lanka, countless residents of not only Ponyville but beyond showed up to show how much they cared about the Crusaders. Though the event was in Scootaloo's honor, it can be assumed that most, if not all, the ponies who showed up would've done the same for Sweetie.[18]

Next to the crusaders, Sweetie Belle is also great friends with her teacher, Cheerilee. The Crusaders made a huge, glittery Hearts and Hooves day present for her to show her that they loved her "so, so much" and tried to hook her up with Big McIntosh. Out of all of them, Sweetie seemed the most upset when they didn't take the bait and started to date, proclaiming "Oh, Come On!"[13]

Sweetie Belle's next closest friendships are probably with the Mane Six, primarily Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy. With the former, she, often with the other girls, have talked to each other from time to time and Twilight told her that she cared about her and her safety when they were heading out to Mount Aris.[19] With Fluttershy, the mare has often looked after Sweetie Belle and obviously cares about her safety, going as far as to venture out into the Everfree Forest to protect her.[16]

In terms of friends at her school, Sweetie Belle is generally shown to be on good terms with Snips and Snails. She used to be bullied relentlessly by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, but they've since grown to become good friends with Diamond Tiara realized her true talent was organizing ponies rather than demanding them to do things.

Another person Sweetie has had a few interactions with his Spike the dragon. The two appear to be on good terms and seem to trust each other.[20]

Talents, abilities and hobbies

Being a child, Sweetie has never had an actual job, but has shown a keen interest in a few different hobbies, mostly artistic ones. Some notable talents and hobbies include singing,[4] cooking,[17] painting[17] and improving her magical talent.[21] Her actual skill in many of these hobbies has been...generally low, with her magical powers consistently being shown to being lower to compared to her peers. Despite this, her singing talent has been noted to be quite good.[4]

Nonetheless, Sweetie Belle has picked up faux-jobs in attempts to gain her cutie marks, such as a carpenter,[16] coal miner,[16]

Titles, nicknames and epithets

  • Creature Catcher: During a faux demonstration of her 'skills' as a creature catcher to Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle referred to herself as "Sweetie Belle the Creature Catcher".

In other media

Equestria Girls

That's kind of precious

In Equestria Girls, Scootaloo is a member of the Canterlot Movie Club and lives with Rarity at their large house. She has very few speaking roles and is mostly a background character. She was one of the main villains of the "Happy Holidays" comic.

IDW comics

Sweetie Belle is mostly the same in the IDW comics but has gone on more daring and dangerous adventures, such as assisting in the Battle for the Crystal Empire when the Umbrum invaded under King Sombra's command. She appeared in many issues and storylines, but typically as a minor character, rarely ever contributing to the main plot. Her most major appearance was probably in "Don't You Forget About Us" in which she, along with the rest of the Crusaders, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Snips and Snails got lost in the Foal Mountains and nearly died on many occasions. Sweetie herself nearly got mauled by a bear. The storyline expounded upon her relationships with Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara and Snips and Snails, revealing that even though the former colts care about her, they think they're too cool to hang out with her.

Sweetie has appeared in the mirror universe as a delinquent.


Sweetie Belle was a fairly major character in the first volume of A Day in the Life of Equestria where she appeared n a few stories, primarily dealing with Star Dancer, a mysterious pony whom Sweetie Belle theorized was a Space Pony. In another story, Sweetie Belle and Spike helped Rarity prepare a suit for the Smooze.

Behind the scenes

Sweetie Belle is voiced by Claire Corlett in the cartoon and Brittany Lauda in My Little Pony: Fluttershy's Famous Stare. Like most main characters, she's appeared in most continuities, only not appearing in a few minor ones. Same the other Crusaders, Sweetie Belle focused episodes tend to either be about her relationship with the Crusaders or her family, in this case, pretty much always Rarity. Outside of the Main Six, Sweetie is one of the few characters with an episode directly named after them, that being "To Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils".

Internet memes and running gags

Sweetie Belle has found herself the center of a handful of internet memes, mostly in the early days of the fandom during the first two seasons. One of these memes include the "What are you? A Dictionary?, a minor running gag retired after the first episode of season 2 which was directed at Sweetie Belle during "The Return of Harmony" which spawned fanart of Sweetie Belle as a dictionary. Another meme is the line "Oh, Come On!", which has become a running gag throughout the series.

Some memes did not originate from the television series itself though and came from fan projects. An example of this was her cameo in Button Mash fan works that inspired fans to ship the two together. Another example was a fairly popular YouTube video splicing audio of Sweetie Belle chanting "Onii-chan" to the audio of the Abraham Lincoln skit from Whitest Kids U'Know played in the background.

A popular meme that originated from Sweetie Belle was "Dumb Fabric", a reference to the scene in "The Show Stoppers" where Sweetie Belle insulted a piece of fabric. This meme found itself in several fan works, including t-shirts and image macros.

Voice actors


In fanfiction

Sweetie Belle appears in countless fanfictions as either a main or supporting character. In terms of major appearances, she was a major recurring character in Mauroz's What if Friendship is Magic was a Comic? series were she was the impish little sister of Rarity who manipulated and used Spike for her own selfish gains. She was also a major figure in It Takes a Village where she, as well as the other Crusaders, helped support Spike in his times of need.


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