Ponyville Theater

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Ponyville Theater
Location Ponyville
Type Theater
First "To Whom The Sweetie Toils"
Last "Cahpter 7

The Ponyville Theater was a venue that supported both plays and films. It was a popular destination in Ponyville, by both locals and outsiders and aired popular films, particularly horror films and also held notable stage productions.


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In other media[edit]

IDW comics[edit]

The theater doesn't seem to actually appear in the comics, but has been effectively "replaced" by another establishment called Ponyato, which seems to exclusively air films.

OEL manga[edit]

The theater appears in Chapter 2 and Chapter 7 respectively.

Pinkie Pie and Princess Celestia went to watch IT (or whatever the pony verison is) in the theater and got spooked by Pennywise.[1] Later, the Cutie Mark Crusaders snuck into the theater and watched Attack of the Space Ponies, though ended up being more scared of Star Dancer telling them how if Space Ponies actually did invade Equestria, it be to quick to really react.[2]

Its only known member was Ticket Stub.





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