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Biographical information
FamilyWinona's family
Apple family
AffiliationPonyville Pets
Real world
"Applebuck Season"
"The Last Problem"

Winona was the ever faithful companion of the Apple family. In particular, she had a special bond with Applejack


Winona in many ways contained the most pure traits of both a dog and a member of the Apple family. She was endlessly friendly, loving, hardworking and energetic. She often helped Applejack with her chores and tasks, such as rounding up cattle.[1] Like other pets such as Owlowiscious, Angel Bunny, Gummy and Opalescence, Winona's presence caused Rainbow Dash to grow jealous, leading to her eventual adoption of Tank[2], who together with the aforementioned pets would form a special team who would help defend their caretakers in times of need.

Winona was great with fillies, often licking or playing with the younger members of the Apple family.[3] Winona was among the pets Spike promised to look after while their owners were away at the Equestria Games, however she grew fed up with his half-hearted attempts at watching over her and his greed, though they reconciled before the end of the day.[4]

Forever faithful

Winona would presumably pass away sometime after the second coronation of Twilight Sparkle but her children would still be with the Apple family for many moons to come.

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