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Dr. Hooves
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Earth pony
ResidencePonyville, Equestria
Real world
Friendship is Magic (episode)

Dr. Hooves is an Earth Pony who lives in Ponyville.


Early life

A stallion of reason and logic in a world of Magic, Dr. Hooves long pursued an interest in the subject of time travel and other scientific pursuits after a life-changing incident in his foalhood. He scoffed at the notion of traveling back in time, believing that it would be preferable to make the past travel forward to him. Efforts to accomplish this feat evidently affected his body, or at least his sanity, as he claims to have spent centuries looking for the means to do so despite retaining the appearance of a youthful Pony. Alas, his efforts proved to be fruitless, not least because Starswirl the Bearded had already beaten him to the accomplishment through the use of magic.[1] Dr. Hooves' later claims to longevity may indeed have been accurate, as a pony exactly matching his appearance was among the denizens of Stygian's village.[2]

Further evidence of the doctor's apparent lifespan was evident in the account of Snowfall Frost as given in A Hearth's Warming Tail, if it was indeed historical, and the imagery that appeared when Twilight Sparkle read it to Starlight Glimmer accurately reflected the appearances of various Ponies involved. At least one of the ponies of yesteryear whom Snowfall Frost encountered, both in company of the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Past and the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Present, exactly resembled Dr. Hooves in appearance. Her excursion with the latter spirit even involved an encounter with a past Dr. Hooves lookalike who sported an overly long scarf, identical to-if not the very same-one that the present day Dr. Hooves is known to have in his possession.[3] A younger Dr. Hooves or a similar doppelganger was also present at a Summer Sun Celebration that inspired a young Twilight Sparkle to study magic.[4]

Ponyville citizen

At some point, Dr. Hooves took up residence in Ponyville, establishing himself in the Doctor's Quarters, which included a laboratory dedicated to his continued experimentation. Despite his passions, the doctor made a point of attending various events around town, including the Summer Sun Celebration that saw the return of Nightmare Moon to Equestria and the subsequent celebration of Princess Luna's redemption.[5] He later attended a ceremony for Applejack Appreciation Day[6], and later was present for Trixie's arrival in Ponyville and her subsequent disgrace when Twilight averted the threat of an Ursa Minor while she failed to do so.[7]

Dr. Hooves took part in Twilight Sparkle's first Winter Wrap Up, serving as a member of the plant team.[8] On another occasion, he was pestered by Apple Bloom, who was attempting to sell apples, and finally agreed to buy one in order to get her to leave him alone.[9] The doctor also was a spectator of the Iron Pony competitions held between Applejack and Rainbow Dash, including the Running of the Leaves.[10] He would also attend a fashion show at which Hoity Toity made an appearance[11], and later attended the Ponyville Schoolhouse Talent Show.[12]

Curiously, Dr. Hooves-or else an exact doppelganger of him-was involved in the settling of Appleloosa and the resulting strife between the settlers and the local Buffalo herd.[13] He would later be among the witnesses and admirers of some of Rainbow Dash's heroics[14], before going on to play an ancient Earth Pony in Canterlot's Hearth's Warming Eve Pageant.[15] On a later occasion, he noticed Granny Smith putting on an odd display on Ponyville market street[16], before later making curious appearances both at a rodeo Applejack competed in and in Dodge Junction when she traveled there.[17] Even more bizarrely, two of the doctor were present when Flim and Flam showed off their Cider Machine, before a single Dr. Hooves sporting a collar and necktie appeared to serve as timekeeper for a competition between the Unicorn brothers and the Apple family.[18]

On one Hearts and Hooves Day, Dr. Hooves was seen talking with Muffins; he was later among the possible candidates the Cutie Mark Crusaders considered for Cheerilee's Special Somepony, but was rejected after splashing mud all over Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle.[19] He would later be among the crowd looking on as Pinkie Pie led her friends in a large musical number.[20] During one of Iron Will's Ponyville seminars, Dr. Hooves curiously appeared in triplicate in the audience.[21] He would later appear among the ponies who were at first amused, and then alarmed, when Twilight arrived with an apparent message of dire warning from her time-traveling future self.[22]

Dr. Hooves was present in Canterlot when the Changelings invaded, and later attended the Wedding of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor.[23] He would later be among the Ponyville citizens terrorized by an army of Pinkie Pie clones[24], before visiting the Ponyville Theater with Cloud Kicker and taking part in the Summer Harvest Parade.[25] On another day, he walked through Ponyville, unaware that it was in the process of being invaded by Changelings.[26] The doctor was also present when Trixie returned to Ponyville to challenge Twilight using the Alicorn Amulet, and when Twilight returned for a rematch with the maddened mare.[27]

Later, Dr. Hooves was among the citizens of Ponyville who worked together to thwart the invasion of the Nightmare Forces, though his Sonic screwdriver failed to operate properly.[28][29] During the Summer Wrap Up Festival and Hoedown, he approached Muffins and insistently showed her a fob watch, much to her confusion.[30] He was subsequently one of many attendees of the Coronation of Twilight Sparkle as Princess of Friendship.[31] Some time afterwards, he would watch with Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch as the wall between their world and the Reflections universe broke down, unaware that their counterparts were watching the same event from the other side.[32]

Traveler, spectator, wedding guest

In company with Rose, Dr. Hooves witnessed the Cutie Mark Crusaders making their way to the Ponyville Train Station in order to travel to the Equestria Games. The pair also attended the opening ceremony for the event, both taking on the appearance of Crystal Ponies.[33] On another occasion, the doctor was seen at the Manehattan Train Station, apparently leaving as the Mane Six were arriving.[34] In another curious case of appearing in multiple places, Dr. Hooves was present at a party in Appleloosa as Cheese Sandwich was leaving the town, only to also be in Ponyville when Cheese Sandwich arrived there some time thereafter. He was among the ponies who welcomed the party planner to town, and later also watched the Goof Off between him and Pinkie Pie.[35]

Dr. Hooves later attended Ponyville Days[36] and the fundraiser for the Ponyville Pet Center, the latter of which featured a performance by the Pony-Tones.[37] On another occasion he was seen walking with Cherry Berry[38], while on another he joined a crowd eagerly awaiting the arrival of a group of Breezies. Some time afterwards, Seabreeze's ill-planned solo flight crossed paths with the doctor (sporting a pair of 3-D glasses) and Rose.[39] When the Flim Flam brothers arrived in Ponyville to market their cure-all tonic, Dr. Hooves was part of the onlooking crowd and-curiously-among the ponies whose images were used as part of the advertising campaign. He subsequently acted as a judge at the Ponyville Swim Meet alongside Lyra Heartstrings and Merry May.[40]

The doctor later took a rather bizarre part in one of Pinkie Pie's musical numbers[41], before paying a visit to the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange.[42] In another instance of seeming to appear in multiple places at once, he appeared in the Crystal Empire as both a spectator and competitor (sporting an altered mane style) during the Ice Archery event.[43] Dr. Hooves was also present in Canterlot when Discord and Tirek appeared on stage during a magic act to steal the magic of the audience members.[44] At one point Dr. Hooves seems to have developed, or come into possession of, a working time machine, but it was commandeered by Discord; whether or not he ever regained it is unknown.[45]

Later, Dr. Hooves-or else his Appleloosan doppelganger-joined the audience of the Appleloosa Rodeo.[46] On the day of the Wedding of Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda, Muffins came to Dr. Hooves for help due to being responsible for a misprinted date on all the wedding invitations. Leading her to his lab, the doctor began to ramble about his various scientific pursuits related to time travel, before showing off his Flameless Fireworks which he had never figured out how to set off. Having gone off on several tangents, he had to be reminded why Muffins had asked for his help to begin with. Unfortunately, realizing that the suit he'd intended to wear to the wedding had yet to be tailored, Dr. Hooves ran off, quite forgetting Muffins' distress. Finding Rarity occupied helping the rest of the Mane Six against a Bugbear, the doctor approached Vinyl Scratch for help, and was curiously directed to the Ponyville Bowling Alley.

There he encountered Jeff Letrotski and his friends, whom he begged for help in fixing his wardrobe. Letrotski agreed, on the condition that Dr. Hooves join his bowling team which was in the midst of a game. The doctor agreed with some reluctance, only to run out yet again when Muffins arrived with news that she had used his fireworks in place of flowers as wedding decorations. With no suit to wear to the wedding, the doctor donned an overly long scarf, but was warmly greeted by Muffins regardless. He sat quietly in the audience during the wedding, and was later thrilled when Cranky and Matilda's love caused the fireworks to go off, grabbing Rose's face in both hooves in his excitement.[47]

Dr. Hooves traveled to Canterlot for the Equestria Grand Pony Summit[48], was in Ponyville when Prince Rutherford of Yakyakistan visited for the first time[49], and was among the residents pulled into a massive shared dream by Princess Luna.[50] Other incidents included him sharing a baffled look with Golden Harvest after Diamond Tiara and the Cutie Mark Crusaders sped between them[51], and enjoying an apple while a "disguised" Pinkie Pie attempted to avoid her friends.[52] He was also in Ponyville for Nightmare Night festivities[53], and attended a concert held by Coloratura.[54] He would also be among the many residents of Ponyville to welcome newcomer Starlight Glimmer, unaware that at least two alternate timeline versions of himself had been created by her attempts to change history.[55]

A face both in and out of the crowd

At some point, Dr. Hooves attended a dance recital at the Ponyville Dance Theater, where he was among those to witness Tender Taps receiving his cutie mark with some help from the Cutie Mark Crusaders.[56] He would later attend a magic show put on by a somewhat humbled Trixie[57] and the first airshow in which Rainbow Dash performed as a full member of the Wonderbolts.[58] The doctor was also among the guests at a Hearth's Warming party held at the Castle of Friendship.[59] He was present in Ponyville when the Mane Six were afflicted by Ethical Cancer[60], and was a spectator at one Ponyville Derby.[61]

He also took part in the Zombie prank played against Rainbow Dash[62], and attended the first Buckball game between the Ponyville and Appleloosa teams.[63] During one election for Ponyville Mayor, Dr. Hooves ran but was defeated-alongside several other candidates-by Filthy Rich.[64][65]. [66]

Dr. Hooves would also umpire a Baseball game in which Gabby the Griffon took part, and was later helped getting his cart out of the mud by the helpful visitor.[67] [68] The doctor had more passive roles in a party commemorating the new Peace between the Changeling Kingdom and Equestria[69] and at an art showcase for Spearhead.[70] He would also be in the audience at a Wonderbolts Showcase disrupted by Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles[71] and at a fashion show at Carousel Boutique.[72] While briefly taking over her sister's duties, Princess Celestia observed him having a dream about being in a maze[73], while he or his Appleloosan counterpart would later make himself at home at Sweet Apple Acres.[74]

The doctor was later in Ponyville on the occasion it was visited by both Changeling leader Thorax and Dragon Lord Ember on the same day.[75] He also visited Canterlot during the Festival of Friendship, though it is unclear whether he was among those caught up in the ensuing Sacking of Canterlot as the Storm King's forces invaded.[76] Dr. Hooves also attended the Washouts' Ponyville shows[77], [78], and a benefit concert by Songbird Serenade.[79] When another Hearth's Warming rolled around, he was recruited by Rose, Lily Valley, and Daisy to help wrap presents, but incurred their wrath when he fell asleep during a business rush.[80]

Dr. Hooves attended another buckball game in Appleloosa[81], before partnering with Applejack for Ponyville's Trivia Trot night.[82] He would also attend the last Summer Sun Celebration in Canterlot[83], be seen at the Ponyville market with Shoeshine[84], and at the train station with Rose.[85] The doctor was also one of the candidates who applied for the job of Vice Headmare at the School of Friendship. He made it through the first stage of the interview process, being greatly approved by the students, and also proved a hit with the parents of Yona.

Unfortunately, Dr. Hooves' field trip with several students went poorly, as his "Temporal Transportation Device" didn't actually perform as intended, much to the disappointment of his audience. Eventually he withdrew his application, evidently wanting to remain dedicated to his experiments.[86] The doctor-or another of his unexplained duplicates-later attended the Appleloosa County Fair[87], before joining various Earth Ponies who took shelter in Ponyville during the Apocalypse.[88] Hoof-in-hoof with Rose, he also looked on during the Coronation of Twilight Sparkle as Queen of Equestria.[89]



Behind the scenes

The character was originally introduced as a background pony, but like several other such characters became a fan favorite character. In Dr. Hooves case, it was based on his resemblance to the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who, as portrayed by actor David Tennant. This led to fans dubbing him "Dr. Whooves" in tribute to the character, though he was officially dubbed Time Turner before eventually being given the name of Dr. Hooves.

It became common for creators of both the show and IDW Publishing comics to include references to Doctor Who involving the character.


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