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Ponyville is a town located near Canterlot Mountain in Central Equestria. It was first settled by Ma and Pa Apple many moons ago and with the support of Stinkin' Rich, it grew into a large and famous town in its own right. Ponyville is located in the earth of Equestria, almost the exact center in fact. Despite having a well-storied history, the town isn't terribly old, only a hundred or so years old by the time Twilight Sparkle moved into it. Ponyville is notably less technologically advanced as some cities like Fillydelphia and Baltimare, but moreso than some towns like Appaloosa and Starlight's village.



During Princess Luna's fall into darkness and transformation into Nightmare Moon, she dueled with Princess Celestia in the skies above Equestria. In their duel, a small fragment of Luna's darkness was connected to an asteroid that landed in Ponyville, eventually embueing the land with a strange magic.[1] Princess Celestia seemed to know the lush splendors of Ponyville even before its settlements.[2]

With her instructions, Ma Smith and Pa Smith, along with their daughter, settled the land and set up a humble homestead and farm. There, they began to harvest Zap apples. Eventually, other ponies came to visit the farm and eat the delicacies the family would make, such as the aforementioned Zap apples. This started a community of ponies and some, such as Stinkin' Rich, started there own shops.[2]

The chaos of six

An Ursa Minor attacking Ponyville

Sometime after Luna's redemption, the annual Grand Galloping Gala was entering its planning phases and tickets were being handed out. Thogh this caused some turmoil in Ponyville, it was eventually worked out.[3] Sometime later, Ponyville was almost flattened by a stampede of cows, luckilly for the town, Applejack and Winona were there to save the day by diverting it. However, due to an increased workload, Applejack grew incredibly tired and dizzy, which caused some chaos around Ponyville.[4] Later, Gilda visited Ponyville and along with Rainbow Dash, caused some prank-based chaos around the town, though when he true colors were revealed, she left the town [5] (not not for good).

On a bright blue day, a unicorn by the name of Trixie Lulamoon visited Ponyville to show off her magical abilities, which gained he quite the following, but also gained her a huge backlash. On the night of the same day, Snips and Snails wanted to see the extent of her power by unleashing an Ursa Minor in the town so she could stop it. Trixie of course, was a joke in comparison to such a beast which lead to Twilight Sparkle saving the day and becoming a hero.[6] Sometime later, a dragon had made his nest in a mountain not to far away from Ponyville and began to snore smoke which would blight out all of Equestria. Twilight and her friends scaled the mountain to get the dragon to stop and leave, but they were all unsuccessful. It took Fluttershy's stern talking to and scolding to get the dragon to pack up its things and leave.[7] Ponies were preparing for an intense storm, intense enough to knock down trees and cause widescale chaos. In this storm, Applejack and Rarity were forced to take refuge in Twilight's library.[8]

The Running of the Leaves

The entire town of Ponyville panicked and hid themselves away from an evil enchantress. After Ponyville's heroes were cursed by a magical plant, a curious Apple Bloom went to see if the enchantress was really all that bad and try and help her friends. Apple Bloom discovered that the Enchantress, was actually a very kind, if lonely, Zebra named Zecora who was more then willing to help the cursed ponies, even after they wrecked her house. Later, Zecora became a welcomed member of Ponyville and was loved like family by many of its citizens.[9] When Ponyville was preparing for Princess Celestia's visit, they were struck with a swarm of Parasprites, which caused havoc throughout the town but were eventually tamed by Pinkie Pie.[10] During winter, Ponyville had enacted its "Winter Wrap Up" traditions, which Twilight nearly ruined with her magical abilities. Though they were behind on schedule, the festivities were not ruined and the town all came together to perform the wrap up, together. Also, Spike nearly drowned while everyone laughed at him.[11]

Diamond Tiara was planning her "cute-ceañera" and invited pretty much everypony in Ponyville. While the event was a trainwreck, it did unite Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle together, forging a unbreakable bond as they founded the "Cutie Mark Crusaders".[12] The two strongest, most athletic ponies in Ponyville, Applejack and Rainbow Dash decided to compete in an competition to see who was the strongest out of all of them. The competition eventually lead them to join the "Running of the Leaves" event. Commentated by Pinkie Pie and Spike, the event was filled with cheating and dirty tricks which eventually lead to Applejack and Rainbow Dash both losing the event. Even Twilight beat them.[13]

A fashion show was hosted in Ponyville, with Rarity designing the clothing. Her first attempts were soured when her friends and models had her over-design the dresses. Although depressed, Rarity got a second chance and wowed the judge and crowd.[14] A series of weird happenings began to pop up around Ponyville when Pinkie Pie was having a bad case of her "pinkie sense". Twilight tried to find out the cause o it but eventually just let it be what it was.[15] Fluttershy helped cheer Rainbow Dash on while she as rehearsing for the Young Flier's Competition.[16]

Geography and culture

A stylized map of Ponyville

Ponyville was settled in fertile farmland with lush, green fields and plenty of water, supplied by a long river with several forks and a smaller lake in the north. Given it's rustic setting and bountiful harvests, Ponyville became known for being a home of Earth Ponies, and indeed much of Ponyville's culture is rooted in the ways of Earth Ponies, however Ponyville is still quite diverse in its own right. Although it appears that several pegasi live in Ponyville, it's unclear whether they live in Ponyville or Cloudsdale, as they seem to travel to and from the towns on a frequent basis. Ponyville has a good-natured charm to it that has endeared itself to city ponies like Twilight. The town is typically very tolerant and caring of others, treating oddities such as Spike and Zecora like family, not caring that the two were different species than them. However, the town is also prone to mob mentality, such as when they all initially believed Zecora to be an evil enchantress. In the early days of Twilight's move, Ponyville was a town that was easily frightened. A stampede of bunnies alone were enough to cause the citizens to freak out and caused some to even faint at the horror, but as the years went on, Ponyville grew jaded to whatever oddities Twilight brought wit her. A notable, and sweet, example was in "Slice of Life", in which a monstrous "Bug Bear" attacked Ponyville and instead of panicking, the number one priority on most of Ponyville's citizens minds were Cranky and Matilda's wedding.


Being originally an Earth Pony settlement, Ponyville is primarily filled with Earth Ponies. They do however have large Unicorn and Pegasus populations, albeit both of which are noticeably smaller. Ponyville is notably one of the very few settlements in all of Equestria that features Dragons. Although she doesn't live in Ponyville, Zecora is considered a member of the town's community, making her the only Zebra.

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According to the official Map of Equestria, Ponyville is located near the center of the entire landmass of Greater Equestria, near Canterlot Mountain. However, in earlier maps, this wasn't the case. In a crude map featured in Friendship is Magic #1, Equestria was shown to be nearly the west coast of the continent, seemingly only a few miles away from where the South Luna Ocean would be.


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