Dr. Hooves' time machine

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Dr. Hooves' time machine was a box-like machine capable of traversing time itself. It's unclear when exactly he built it, but the reason he built it was likely due to his traumatic past and following obsession with time. Discord stole the time machine from him, saying that the story already had "too many references" when he saw Dr. Hooves come out of it with a Fez. The time machine was smaller on the inside than on the outside. Using the machine, Discord, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Fluttershy traveled backwards and forwards in time until they eventually came across the Dinosaur age.

Later, on Hearths Warming, Dr. Hooves made some mistakes with his time machine and caused beings from the Three Tribes era and Age of Heroes era to come back into modern Equestria, which only had the small side effect of nearly causing the universe to collapse upon itself.


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