Special Somepony

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Clear Sky, a Special Somepony

Very Special Somepony, or just Special Somepony is a term among Ponies for a boyfriend or girlfriend, if not a spouse as well. At least one source indicates that variants may also exist among other species, such as "Special Somebreezie."[1]


During Hearts and Hooves Day, the Cutie Mark Crusaders attempted to find Miss Cheerilee a "Very Special Somepony" to spend her day with, eventually settling on Big McIntosh a their choice for her.[2]

Clear Sky referred to Quibble Pants as her 'special somepony', meaning the term isn't exclusively used by foals.[3]

Behind the scenes

"Special Somepony" is a play on the terms, "special someone" and "special somebody", lighthearted ways to announce affection for someone's significant other.